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According to, a MOOC aggregator platform, the ten most popular MOOCs which started in September 2014 are:

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
This course introduces you to the discipline of statistics as a science of understanding and analyzing data. You will learn how to effectively make use of data in the face of uncertainty: how to collect data, how to analyze data, and how to use data to make inferences and conclusions about real world phenomena.
Sep 1st | Coursera

How Writers Write Fiction

How Writers Write Fiction will offer a diversity of answers to the question of how a writer develops and refines the lifelong practice of his/her craft.
Sep 27th | Others

An Introduction to Financial Accounting
This course will improve your fluency in financial accounting, the language of business. You will learn how to read, understand, and analyze most of the information provided by companies in their financial statements. These skills will help you make more informed decisions using financial information.
Sep 5th | Coursera

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems
Introduction to the design and implementation of applications for handheld systems, such as smartphones and tablets, running the Android Platform.
Sep 26th | Coursera

GSE1.1x: Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement
Apply a new psychological theory about personal change to an improvement goal of your own throughout the entire course.
Sep 16th | EdX

GG101x: The Science of Happiness
We all want to be happy, and there are countless ideas about what happiness is and how we can get some. But not many of those ideas are based on science. That’s where this course comes in.
Sep 9th | EdX

Creative Problem Solving
This course deals directly with your ability for creativity which is a critical skill in any field. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems. Through a series of creativity building exercises, short lectures, and readings, learners develop both an understanding of creativity and increase their own ability.
Sep 3rd | Coursera

Introduction to Cybersecurity
This course provides an overview of the evolving field of cybersecurity, with an introduction to cybersecurity standards and law. Students will learn about common cyber attacks and the techniques for identifying, detecting, and defending against cybersecurity threats.
Sep 22nd |

Write101x: English Grammar and Style
Learn how to use a knowledge of how words work to write in the style that readers value and that the university and the professions require.
Sep 22nd | EdX

ColWri2.1x: Principles of Written English, Part 1
An introduction to academic writing for English Language Learners, focusing on essay development, grammatical correctness, and self-editing.
Sep 17th | EdX

These are based on the number of people who added the course to 'MOOC Tracker' which is Class-Central's watchlist feature.


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How Would You Give Away $100,000?

Social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and best-selling author Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen—in partnership with Stanford University and Coursera - has launched Giving 2.0: The MOOC, a MOOC enabling students to become more effective philanthropists by applying research and strategic thinking to giving.

Enrolled students will be allocated up to $100,000 to give to the non-profits they select, generously provided by The Learning By Giving Foundation.

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen says, "Changing individual philanthropic learning on this scale has never previously been possible. This MOOC will create a new community of givers."



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What an interesting concept. It will be fascinating to see what non-profits benefit.


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"You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give" - Winston Churchill


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Can anyone recommend a course that teaches HTML and CSS from the basics to a relatively detailed level ?


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Can anyone recommend a course that teaches HTML and CSS from the basics to a relatively detailed level ?
I'd recommend the Udacity one. It'll teach you the basics, then it's up to you to put what you've learnt into practice which will deepen your knowledge.
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