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MoocLab Rules

Be friendly

MoocLab is a friendly place. Let’s keep it that way by being respectful to one another.

  • Please respect the opinions of others and their privacy.
  • MoocLab is for everyone; please be friendly to other members.
  • Please don’t express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views.
  • Please don’t insult or patronise people.

Keep it clean!

Please make your posts are suitable for people of all ages.

  • Please use language that everyone can understand - no text speak as it can be confusing.
  • Please don’t post or link to adult content. This includes text, pictures or videos that are sexually explicit or violent.
  • Please don’t swear.

Stay on topic

To keep the conversation flowing, it’s better to keep your posts relevant and constructive.

  • Please stick to the thread topic or find/create a more suitable one.
  • Please don’t revive ancient threads by posting in them. You’ll get a better response by posting in new threads.
  • Please don’t post the same thing several times, either within a single or multiple threads.

No advertising

Please don’t make posts that are purely for promotional purposes.

  • If you’re not sure, feel free to contact MoocLab.
  • Please don’t post links purely for the purpose of promoting products or services.
  • Please don’t post referral links, codes or similar, which offer a benefit to you.
  • Please don’t campaign for votes, petition signatures or similar.