Community Guidelines

Be friendly

Be friendly

MoocLab is a friendly place. Let’s keep it that way by being respectful to one another.

Please respect the opinions of others and their privacy.

MoocLab is for everyone; please be friendly to other members.

Please don’t express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views.

Please don’t insult or patronise people.

Keep it clean!

Keep it clean

Please make your posts are suitable for people of all ages.

Please use language that everyone can understand - no text speak as it can be confusing.

Please don’t post or link to adult content. This includes text, pictures or videos that are sexually explicit or violent.

Please don’t swear.

Stay on topic

Stay on topicy

To keep the conversation flowing, it’s better to keep your posts relevant and constructive.

Please stick to the thread topic or find/create a more suitable one.

Please don’t revive ancient threads by posting in them. You’ll get a better response by posting in new threads.

Please don’t post the same thing several times, either within a single or multiple threads.

No advertising

No advertising

Please don’t make posts that are purely for promotional purposes.

If you’re not sure, feel free to contact MoocLab

Please don’t post links purely for the purpose of promoting products or services.

Please don’t post referral links, codes or similar, which offer a benefit to you.

Please don’t campaign for votes, petition signatures or similar.