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MoocLab is a free community website which provides a forum to connect about online learning and offers suggestions, help, and guidance with online learning. If you are interested in studying or training online, you can use this site to help you make the right informed choices.

Explore the following sections to find out how to get the most from MoocLab:

If you sign up, you can join the MoocLab Community and interact with other members through the discussion forums. The Forums are discussion areas focused around different subjects where you can ask questions, share your experiences, and discuss topics of common interest via a series of text-based messages. Each forum will have a number of “threads” discussing different topics, and as a member you will be able to join in the discussion by replying to threads, or start your own thread. The forums are a great place to find things out based on other people’s real experiences. For answers to questions on how to use the forums, go to our FAQ page.

Why should I sign up?

First of all, signing up is completely free. Registration is quick and simple, and allows you to get the complete MoocLab experience. Registering with MoocLab enables you to:

  • Interact with other members, by starting new discussions, taking part in existing ones and using the Private Conversation system
  • Join the Study Buddy program allowing you to find the perfect study partner for your online courses
  • Access our Tips & Guidelines Resources as well as independent reviews of e-learning providers and platforms
  • Customise your profile, and personalise your account with avatars, signatures and more
  • Enhance your browsing experience by choosing your display options and notification settings

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How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple and very quick. All you need to do is to choose yourself a username, and provide a valid email address. Once you've registered you're free to get involved with the MoocLab community!

There are two quick and easy ways you can sign up.

  1. Using your email address:
    • Click on the “Sign up Now” button.
    • Enter your name or email address and select the “Create an account now” option. Click on “Sign Up”, complete the form and then click on “Sign up”.
  2. Using your social media accounts:
    • Click on the “Sign up Now” button.
    • Click on one of the social media log in buttons and follow the instructions.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an activation email at the email address that you provided. Just click on the link in the e-mail and you’re done!

Note: Sometimes email programs will place our activation email in 'spam' or 'junk' folders. Please check these if you don't think you have received the activation email. If you are still stuck, contact us using the “Contact us” tab on the bottom right of the screen.

Find a Study Buddy

Finding a compatible study partner isn't always easy as we all have different goals, study preferences and interests. MoocLab's Study Buddy program is designed to help you overcome these difficulties by matching you up with suitable study partners according to your interests, preferences, specific courses and more. Get Started ►

Study Groups

MoocLab's Study Groups allow you to learn with others in a collaborative and supportive environment. Study Groups can really help you build confidence, ace that course and pass that exam. Join or create a study group ►.

MoocLab’s Resource Centre

Signed up members have full access to MoocLab’s Resources. Here, you’ll find an ever-growing list of guides to help and advise you on your e-Learning journey, as well as a MOOC Directory featuring online courses from the three main MOOC platforms, Coursera, edX and FutureLearn. See all resources ►

Rating a Resource

Logged in members can rate any of the resources by hovering the cursor over the stars in the right sidebar or below the resource. As you hover, the stars are highlighted in yellow and you can select the number of stars you wish to award the resource. By rating, you’ll be given the option to write a brief review if you wish to do so. Other reviews can be viewed below the resource or by clicking on the “Reviews” tab at the top.

Have your say

Logged in members have the option to comment on or discuss any of the resources by clicking on the “Discussion” tab at the top or “Discuss this Resource” on the right sidebar. This will take you to the relevant thread where you may post your comment in the Reply box provided.

MoocLab’s Online Course Provider Directory

MoocLab's Directory of Online Course Providers lists over 150 platforms offering online courses. Each listing includes an overview of the provider with a list of tools and features, helping you make the right informed choices. Logged in members are able to rate and review the providers to help others with their choices. Browse Providers ►

News & Articles

MoocLab's News & Articles Page offers an ideal opportunity to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and articles on Online Learning and MOOCs. As a registered member, you are welcome to submit an article for publication on MoocLab by using the contact form.

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