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How to Start a Conversation with another member (or members)

Posted in 'How to Guide' started by MoocLab, Feb 3, 2020.

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    To have a private conversation with another member (or members), you can do it two ways:

    Via the drop-down menu by hovering over your username in the top right-hand side of the top navigation bar.

    Click on "Conversations" listed in the menu and then on the Start a New Conversation button.

    Add participants by typing their usernames; matching names will auto-populate as you type.

    Create a conversation title (subject line) and your message. You'll have access to the same tools as you have when creating posts. You can give conversation participants the ability to invite others if you wish to.

    Starting a conversation from a thread

    Click on a user's name within any thread.
    On the resulting profile pop-up, click on Start a Conversation.

    To follow existing conversations, check your Inbox in the top right-hand side of the top navigation bar.

    You can change the settings for who can start a Conversation with you by going to your profile and then 'Privacy' and scroll down to the 'People Who May...' section.
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