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About MoocLab

MoocLab is a free community website which provides forums to connect about online learning and offers suggestions, help, reviews and guidance with online learning. If you are interested in studying or training online, you can use this site to help you pursue your educational ambitions.

Founded in September 2014, MoocLab is run and managed by CEO Carolyn McIntyre with the backing of IBIS Capital, a company that provides a range of asset management and investment banking services dedicated to the media sector.

Carolyn McIntyre
Carolyn McIntyre
CEO at MoocLab.club

The concept behind MoocLab came from Carolyn's observation that there was no e-learning “hub” where people could access information, get advice and interact with others about online learning all in one centralised place.

MoocLab aims to make online learners' lives easier by pooling knowledge, advice and support.

With this in mind, MoocLab currently offers a number of features serving the interest of Online Learning:

The MoocLab Community
The MoocLab Community is made up of a number of forums allowing members to interact over Online Learning via discussion threads and articles. Being a member of the Community means users can also comment on and discuss the various resources offered by MoocLab.

Find a Study Buddy
Finding a compatible study partner isn't always easy as we all have different goals, study preferences and interests. MoocLab's Study Buddy program is designed to help members overcome these difficulties by matching them up with suitable study partners according to their interests, preferences, specific courses and more.

MoocLab’s Resource Centre

MoocLab's Resource Centre offers free tips and guides to help and advise people on MOOCs, Online Learning, Certificates, and more.

MoocLab's Reviews
MoocLab provides its members with unbiased, independent reviews of e-Learning providers and platforms, serving as a guide and helping people make the right informed choices. The reviews include a brief overview of the provider, its tools & features, as well as ratings based on a list of set criteria and also featuring pros and cons. Read more about MoocLab’s Review Page here.

News & Articles
MoocLab's News & Articles Page offers an ideal opportunity to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and articles on Online Learning and MOOCs from across the Web all in one place, and includes articles posted on MoocLab by members of the MoocLab Community. As a registered member, you are welcome to use the Articles Page to publish your own articles if you so wish.

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May 5, 2015
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