computer science

  1. B

    Study Buddy Need a study Buddy for learning programming

    Hi, Everyone, I am a IT professional learning programming, need a study buddy for accountability and learning.
  2. T

    Tech & Science and Math Learners

    Join the Tech & Science and Math Discord Server! hello everyone. we launched a discord server for math, science & tech learners few days ago. we'll be waiting for people who study university or higher degrees or who are seriously interested in these areas. see you there :cool:
  3. G

    Study Buddy DSA

    I am looking for a study pal who can help me and travel with me in learning data structures and algorithms...
  4. Computer Science

    Computer Science

    Everyone who studies computer science is welcome here in this group! Bachelor, Master, PhD, feel free to join! The idea is to create a virtual study space where we can study together for a couple of hours every day. In this space, we can also help each other and exchange on different topics...
  5. H

    Study Buddy Study partner for long hours sessions

    Hi! I'm a B.Sc CS student currently in my final year. I'm preparing for GATE CS exam - an entrance exam for Masters and Doctorate in CS for Indian as well as international institutes. I need a study mate who could study with me for long session hours, cuz GATE is pretty tough and I have only 8...
  6. M

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy who can help me reduce procastination and study together (Girl or a Boy)

    Hi everyone, I am a college student currently doing bachelors in CS (3rd semester). I am looking for someone who can study with me because, study together is always better than procastinating alone(if you are not a CS student then its okay, main goal is to just study together). Someone who can...
  7. A

    Study Buddy looking for a female study buddy

    I have a final exam in the coming few days. I'm majoring in CS and the exam is in database. would love to have good company while studying together.
  8. D

    Study Buddy Hi, would you like to be learning with me ?

    Hi, I'm Ananthu I'm from India, I would like to know whether u r interested in studying with me ? I mostly study all the various programming languages basics only, But I feel like I wanna learn more about the advanced stuffs, I'm usually a quiet person around to be, but more likely to learn new...
  9. S

    Study Buddy LEt start C language from basic

    he if you planning to learn c then let study together How We Are Going To Study: Only Voice Call : So that You Guys Not jealous Of My Handsomeness and vice versa .......XD It was A Joke. To Not Distract By Each Other appearance .... Share Our Progress Every Day: WE Will Share Our Progress To...
  10. Pragya Pandey

    Study Buddy Looking for accountability partners

    Hey everyone. I’m Pragya from India and currently searching for a study/accountability partner who’s serious and willing to work hard with me. I love meeting new people and am an ardent learner so this should be fun! I’m looking to build a career in AI/ML and Data Science domain.
  11. O

    Study Buddy Study buddy wanted - subject doesn't matter

    I'm from Toronto and studying Biology. Any field of study is welcomed ( since we'll have our own independent work). It's a bonus if you love learning and open to learn from each other.
  12. J

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy who's studying beginner level python

    Hello! I'm 17(Female) and I've started learning python this January. I'm finding it hard to learn it by myself and I've already taken a 2-week break because I can't commit to learning. I mostly just want a study buddy to feel some sort of accountability, since I notice that I only do something...
  13. S

    Study Buddy I'm looking for a study buddy

    Hey, I'm studying Electrical and Computer engineering and I'm looking for a study buddy :)
  14. amirzahran

    Study Buddy Front end

    Hi, I am amir i am looking for a study buddy to study frontend development together, I am new at studying react for frontend development.
  15. R

    Study Buddy Computer Science-Study Buddy

    Hello everyone, I just finished my first year of Computer Science at UMass Amherst. Here's some information about me. Looking for someone with relatively similar goals/interests so we can share ideas and help each other grow. Area of Specialization: Computer Science. Currently trying to get a...
  16. D

    Study Buddy Anyone prepping for gate exam and want to team up?(india)

    Please feel free to message, if you're prepping for masters or comp sci student
  17. yasin

    Study Buddy Talk in breaks.

    Hey I'm studying for my 12th-grade exams. Palestinian I'm studying an Android Developing major. I love learning languages. I speak Arabic, English and a little Spanish.
  18. R

    Study Buddy CS study buddy

    Hello everyone! I am starting from the scratch studying computer science... I just know C++ and I would help you with it if you want ... I’m a lazy person who keeps procrastinating, that’s why having a study buddy will be great to help each other stay focused and more productive. Lemme know...
  19. W

    Study Buddy Looking for a Data Science study buddy

    Hi there, my name is William. I'm currently a consultant at a AI/ML Australian Company. I'm looking for a study buddy to motivate and upskill each other through sharing of resources and learning.
  20. MoocLab

    Courses Ten New Open Online Courses in AI, Machine Learning, IT on Coursera

    Check out the list below that contains 10 trending courses that have launched on Coursera since 2019. Discover courses in data science, business, computer science, and information technology - now available on Coursera. TensorFlow in Practice by AI for Everyone by...