Study Buddy Hi, would you like to be learning with me ?


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Hi, I'm Ananthu I'm from India, I would like to know whether u r interested in studying with me ? I mostly study all the various programming languages basics only, But I feel like I wanna learn more about the advanced stuffs, I'm usually a quiet person around to be, but more likely to learn new stuffs and all. If you are interested please do ping me, Maybe when you get free time I have few ideas for a point of scale projects and stuff that we can do it together.


Learning AI/ML/DL
Study Buddy

I saw your message and I would like to know if you would be interested in exploring the possibility of learning something together.

I have covered several courses in data science/ML/AI and I work mainly in data preparation, but I am still learning and trying to apply what I know.

Currently, I am learning SQL and Power BI

Which is your background? What are your goals and specific areas you would like to learn more?