1. W

    Weekend Study Group : Python-AI-Data Science

    Every weekend, members can get together via Google Meet between 9.AM and 10.30 AM CST. Members can find a quiet study area where cameras have been turned off. We can utilize a white board to set challenges and share progress / knowledge. Let's keep the conversation on the topic. :) Together...
  2. Angelina45

    Study Buddy Hiiii

    Looking for a study buddy I am gonna learn all day cause it's summer No matter what are you learning, but I am gonna do python(graphs now), 3d, math I just want to stay !motivated! Let's share our results, @amongasik45 in telegram Russian/English
  3. D

    Study Buddy Anybody interested in learning with me ?

    I wanted to learn programming languages such as Dart,Flutter or middile ware programming languages such as ASP .net core MVC, Angular etc.. , Are you guys interested in learning with me, Feel free to text me. Also I can help you to study C, C++,C#,Python,Java and some of ASP .net core MVC.
  4. A

    Study Buddy Data structures and algorithms in python

    I just start learning python, finish my first course for general commands, i am about to start the second course which is about data structures and algorithms , however i need someone start this path with him, solve leetcode together and continue learning python*my goal in 2023 to be able to...
  5. U

    Study Buddy Python from Scratch

    Hello, I would love to connect with a study buddy to start learning Python (maybe SQL also) for data analytics. Please let me know if you are interested. Excited to start :)
  6. J

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy who's studying beginner level python

    Hello! I'm 17(Female) and I've started learning python this January. I'm finding it hard to learn it by myself and I've already taken a 2-week break because I can't commit to learning. I mostly just want a study buddy to feel some sort of accountability, since I notice that I only do something...
  7. Shajixx

    Study Buddy Any female under 19 want to study python together?

    Would love a female python study buddy whose around my age and serious about working hard so we can work hard together and motivate each other! And be friends too I hope <3
  8. J

    Study Buddy Looking for a Data Science Study Buddy

    Hello! I am a software developer with background in MATLAB but interested now in Data Science. I am looking for someone to study data science + python with. Optimally it would be around 10 hours per week (I am flexible with the hours, but the more the merrier). My idea is mainly self study...
  9. G

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy! Anyone?-Data Science

    Learning data science -python packages and statistics
  10. H

    Study Buddy Would love to be study buddy

    Hi, I am a data scientist and having large experience in Data science, Machine learning, SQL, Programming languages and Python. Looking for good study buddy to improve knowledge. Interested people ping me.
  11. P

    Study Buddy Intermediate in Python: Looking for someone to build projects together and unblock

    Hey everyone! I'll be going for my masters in Data science in a month. Looking forward to learn and build data analysis/visualization/predictive modelling projects using different tech stack involved. Let me know if anyone is interested in learning and growing together. Very serious about...
  12. RemyS

    Study Buddy Studying Python and Linux from Scratch / Flexible Time

    Hi :) I'm studying for a few certificates and need a buddy. I procrastinate A LOT and unless there is someone pushing me forward, I will keep on procrastinating and putting studying off. I need someone that can push me and is willing to be challenge me all the time, I mean like we would do a...
  13. L

    Study Buddy Looking for a Python development study buddy (Django or Flask)

    Hey guys! I'm currently learning Django web development but it's been hard for me to stick to one thing and be really good at it so far. I'm tired of changing fields, frameworks, and programming languages so I'm looking for someone who can be my study buddy and 'eye' so that I focus on Django...
  14. R

    Study Buddy CS study buddy

    Hello everyone! I am starting from the scratch studying computer science... I just know C++ and I would help you with it if you want ... I’m a lazy person who keeps procrastinating, that’s why having a study buddy will be great to help each other stay focused and more productive. Lemme know...
  15. W

    Study Buddy Looking for a Data Science study buddy

    Hi there, my name is William. I'm currently a consultant at a AI/ML Australian Company. I'm looking for a study buddy to motivate and upskill each other through sharing of resources and learning.
  16. Carolyn

    Courses The Top 12 Courses on Coursera

    See how past students have rated the courses and how many have enrolled. AI For Everyone By Rating: 4.8/5 ( 2,789 ratings) | 113,446 already enrolled! Enrol Now Machine Learning By Stanford University Rating: 4.9/5 (101,913 ratings) | 2,286,620 already enrolled! Enrol Now...
  17. Coursera

    Coursera Inferential Statistical Analysis with Python

    Overview In this course, we will explore basic principles behind using data for estimation and for assessing theories. We will analyze both categorical data and quantitative data, starting with one population techniques and expanding to handle comparisons of two populations. We will learn how to...
  18. Coursera

    Coursera Fitting Statistical Models to Data with Python

    Overview In this course, we will expand our exploration of statistical inference techniques by focusing on the science and art of fitting statistical models to data. We will build on the concepts presented in the Statistical Inference course (Course 2) to emphasize the importance of connecting...
  19. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

    Overview Over four weeks, you’ll develop your knowledge of simple electronics and computing, setting up your Raspberry Pi and writing your first program using the Python programming language. You’ll apply your newfound knowledge to a series of challenges, including controlling an LED with...
  20. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Programming 102: Think like a Computer Scientist

    Overview Find out what else you can do with Python On this course, you’ll explore Python programming at an intermediate level. You’ll discover how to break down problems into smaller parts, and then design and apply algorithms to data. You’ll also explore list structures and their various uses...