Study Buddy Anybody interested in learning with me ?


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I wanted to learn programming languages such as Dart,Flutter or middile ware programming languages such as ASP .net core MVC, Angular etc.. , Are you guys interested in learning with me, Feel free to text me. Also I can help you to study C, C++,C#,Python,Java and some of ASP .net core MVC.


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Hi, I want to learn the same. Can we?
hi, lets pick materials and read and explain what we learned during our meeting.
this website covers the whole topics of java. lets start from the first topic. as you see the below, there are more than 20 topics.

each topic has many sub topics.

lets start with topic1.overview of java.
this topic has appx 14 sub topics. lets divide. you cover 7sub topics, give explanation at our meeting. I will take the other 7 sub topics.

this website is great, but you can also suggest another material.
let me know ur available time. my email is