1. Carolyn

    50,000 Free Digital Upgrades Now Available on FutureLearn

    UK MOOC platform FutureLearn and The British Council have partnered for a fourth time to give free access to online courses from UK higher education institutions to people in non-OECD countries. The initiative, part of the Study UK program, gives people in eligible countries access to 325...
  2. Carolyn

    Earn up to One Year of College Credit for Free

    Modern States Education Alliance is offering a high-quality path to free college credit, the Freshman Year for Free. The program offers everyone tuition-free online courses with free on-line textbooks leading to real college credit at more than 2,900 major colleges and universities. The goal of...
  3. D

    Review Any free Font-end Web Development Courses?

    Hi. I am looking for free training courses for front-end Web Development but I haven't been able to find a lot. I found some courses on Webemployed but they mostly focus on Back-end Web programming.
  4. Federica.EU

    MOOC Platform Federica.EU

    Thanks to the European structural funds, Federica has become a pioneering platform on the international scene. Today it is a University Center of the University of Naples Federico II for innovation, experimentation and dissemination of multimedia education. With 300 blended courses and 75 MOOCs...

    MOOC Platform CNMOOC

    CNMOOC is a cooperative alliance of a number of Chinese universities offering over 750 open online courses available to anyone wishing to enrol. The courses run on a scheduled basis and are made up of videos, online assignments and tests and provide discussion forums for peer interaction and...
  6. Chinese MOOCs

    MOOC Platform Chinese MOOCs

    Chinese MOOCs is an online course platform established by Beijing University and Alibaba. The courses cater for Chinese-speakers and anyone interested in Chinese language and culture. The platform currently offers over 100 pre-recorded courses in a variety of subject areas primarily provided by...
  7. Carolyn

    Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

    Know a woman business owner who’s looking to grow her business? Encourage her to join this new one-of-a-kind program for female entrepreneurs developed by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women. ABOUT THE COURSE Entirely free for all participants - Funded for eligible participants by the Goldman Sachs...
  8. OpenWHO

    MOOC Platform OpenWHO

    OpenWHO is The World Health Organization’s new, interactive, web-based platform that offers free open online courses to people preparing to work in epidemics, pandemics and health emergencies or already doing so. The OpenWHO platform delivers WHO’s and partners’ expertise closer to where it is...
  9. Mrs M

    Is it worth paying for a MOOC when there is a free option available?

    From your experience, what are the advantages of paying for a MOOC compared to taking the free version?
  10. Edraak

    MOOC Platform Edraak

    Edraak is an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for education development to deliver free high quality online courses to the Arabic-speaking world. The platform, is built on edX open source technology and features over 76 different courses in various topics covering Business, Health, STEM...

    Crowdsourced is an Emirati training platform based in Abu Dhabi that offers Arabic-only courses designed to train individuals on specific skills. The site was set up specifically for Arab learners who cannot speak English. Nadrus currently hosts over 200 public and private courses which are...
  12. MattB

    What are the best sites where you can learn languages for free?

    Please could I have recommendations for good sites for learning a foreign language?
  13. Polimi Open Knowledge

    MOOC Platform Polimi Open Knowledge

    Polimi Open Knowledge - POK is the MOOC platform deigned by Politecnico di Milano-METID on the basis of Open edX. Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) is one of the main Polytechnic Universities in Italy. It offers degrees in Engineering, Architecture, and Design. POK stands for Polimi Open...
  14. Carolyn

    How do Free Trials on Coursera Work?

    In April 2017, Coursera announced they were offering their learners free trials for their Specilization programs with unlimited access to all courses in the Specialization over 7 days including all graded assignments, lecture videos, and discussion forums. Here, we'll look at exactly how...
  15. SWAYAM

    MOOC Platform SWAYAM

    SWAYAM is a programme initiated by the Government of India designed to provide opportunities for a life-long learning through hundreds of free courses taught at the university / college / school level and offered by best of the teachers in India and elsewhere. Indian college students can...
  16. MRUniversity

    MOOC Platform MRUniversity

    Founded in 2012 by George Mason University economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution University is building the world’s largest online library of free economics education videos -- currently weighing in at more than 800 videos. Tyler and Alex are also authors of...
  17. MongoDB University

    MOOC Platform MongoDB University

    MongoDB University offers free online courses to teach you how to build and deploy apps on MongoDB which is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. The online courses are free and...
  18. World Science U

    MOOC Platform World Science U

    Started by the World Science Festival, and founders Tracy Day and Columbia science professor Brian Greene, World Science U is a platform for online education, dedicated to teaching science to learners old and young. Through videos and animations, demonstrations, discussions, augmenting...
  19. Kadenze

    MOOC Platform Kadenze

    Kadenze is a MOOC platform bringing together educators, artists, and engineers from leading universities across the globe to provide world-class education in the fields of art and creative technology. Kadenze is pronounced kah-den-zay (kəˈdɛnzɛ) and is the derived from the musical term, cadenza...
  20. Carolyn

    Top 20 Courses on edX

    MOOC platform edX has kindly shared with me their list of top performing courses based on popularity. All the courses listed below can be taken free of charge. Discover below top 20 trending courses in Data Science, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Well-being and more: Microsoft Professional...