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    Students, researchers, teachers, citizens
    Business & Management, Education, Computer Science, Math, Architecture, Economics & Finance, Soft Skills, Health & Safety, Physics, Humanities
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    +30 self paced and scheduled courses
    English, Italian
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    Polimi Open Knowledge - POK is the MOOC platform deigned by Politecnico di Milano-METID on the basis of Open edX.

    Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) is one of the main Polytechnic Universities in Italy. It offers degrees in Engineering, Architecture, and Design.

    POK stands for Polimi Open Knowledge: the POK slogan is “MOOCs to bridge the gaps”: it expresses the strategy adopted by Politecnico di Milano for bridging the gaps in the following areas:

    • transitions of students’ career (To support the main transitions in students’ career);
    • teaching innovation (To support teaching innovation in both higher education institutions and schools);
    • academic social responsibility (Opening up the expertise of Politecnico di Milano for the benefit of a general audience, promoting conscious citizenship in compliance with the third mission of universities).

    To this aim, the courses are divided into six thematic patterns:

    1. MOOCs for Students: from High school to University
    Improve and consolidate your high school skills before you start your courses at Politecnico di Milano.

    2. MOOCs for Students: from Bachelor of science to Master of science
    Align your acquired skills to the ones of Politecnico di Milano Master of Science if you come from another educational path.

    3. MOOCs for Students: from University to job
    Strengthen and enhance your soft skills to smooth your step into the job scene.

    4. MOOCs for Citizens
    To open up the expertise of Politecnico di Milano for the benefit of a general audience, promoting conscious citizenship in compliance with the third mission of universities.

    5. MOOCs for Teachers
    To support teaching innovation in both Higher Education institutions and schools.

    6. MOOCs for Researchers
    To support researchers to develop traversal skills useful for their activities.

    All the courses offered on POK are free of charge: they have been designed to open up the expertise of Politecnico di Milano to everyone.

    Each course on POK has a start date and an end date available on the registration page of the course itself. Once a course starts, you may follow it whenever you like, at a pace that suits you.

    Some of the courses are taught in Italian, others are taught in English.

    Tools & Features:
    • Forum
    • Peer Assessment
    • Role Play
    • Free Certificate of Accomplishment
    • Video Subtitles & Transcript
    • Quizzes
    • Some courses released under Creative Commons Licenses.

    Certificates of Accomplishment are completely free and are issued if you reach the passing grade. The passing grade is expressly stated in the course information page, and the threshold is generally 60% of correct quiz answers.

    The Certificate of Accomplishment is not an official certificate and does not attest participation in a course taken at Politecnico di Milano or at another accredited partner institution, nor does it confer any academic credit, grade or degree.
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