higher education

  1. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Kickstart Your Career: Getting Ahead at University

    Overview Learn how to make the most of university and start building your career Thinking about the future as an undergraduate can be both exciting and terrifying - especially with regular news about changing job markets. How are you supposed to prepare for a future that’s unknown? A university...
  2. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Academic Integrity: Values, Skills, Action

    Overview What is academic integrity? Why is it so important in academia? And how can you, as a student at university, achieve with integrity and honesty? These are some of the important questions we’ll explore over the four weeks of the course. As we do so, you will hear from the lead educator...
  3. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Critical Thinking at University: An Introduction

    Overview Make sure you have the critical thinking skills required for university Critical thinking is a vital skill at university and later in life. University study introduces you to new concepts, ways of learning and requires you to think critically. You need to know how to question...
  4. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn A Beginner's Guide to Writing in English for University Study

    Overview Learn how to write using academic English in preparation for university study. Academic writing can be very different from other types of written English. This course has been developed to help you learn the basics of academic writing and develop your English language skills. You’ll...
  5. Coursera

    Coursera Applying to U.S. Universities

    Overview “It depends.” That is what you’ll hear when asking about the U.S. university admission process. With over 4,000 universities in the United States and no standard application system, the U.S. admission process can be confusing for everyone, but especially for students applying from other...
  6. XuetangX

    MOOC Platform XuetangX

    Founded in 2013 by Tsinghua University, XuetangX is one of the world's largest MOOC platforms providing over 1,400 courses from 500+ university partners. Learners can select courses from over 15 subject areas and gain access to knowledge, certificates, credits, and degrees.
  7. Chinese University MOOC

    MOOC Platform Chinese University MOOC

    The Chinese University MOOC is an online education platform jointly launched by NetEase and the Higher Education Society. It provides the public with over 1,000 MOOC courses from over 900 well-known Chinese universities, allowing anyone who is willing to improve themselves to get higher quality...

    MOOC Platform CNMOOC

    CNMOOC is a cooperative alliance of a number of Chinese universities offering over 750 open online courses available to anyone wishing to enrol. The courses run on a scheduled basis and are made up of videos, online assignments and tests and provide discussion forums for peer interaction and...
  9. Polimi Open Knowledge

    MOOC Platform Polimi Open Knowledge

    Polimi Open Knowledge - POK is the MOOC platform deigned by Politecnico di Milano-METID on the basis of Open edX. Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) is one of the main Polytechnic Universities in Italy. It offers degrees in Engineering, Architecture, and Design. POK stands for Polimi Open...
  10. Chris Fellingham

    Who are the right partners for professional skills?

    In a recent interview, Jeff Maggioncalda CEO of Coursera put in the latest plug for Coursera for Business. For those of us trying to read the tea leaves on this, it seems likely that the rumours of a Coursera pivot towards B2B (they’ve gone from 30 to 500 companies over 2017) as opposed to B2C...