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MOOC Platform World Science U

Free online courses focused exclusively on science

General Information

Best for
High School students, Higher Education Students, Life-long Learners
Type of learning
Video lectures, interactive demonstrations, exercises, community forums, custom animations, virtual office hours and live sessions
Course type
1 - 10-week self-paced online courses
Certificate of Participation, Certificate of Achievement
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Started by the World Science Festival, and founders Tracy Day and Columbia science professor Brian Greene, World Science U is a platform for online education, dedicated to teaching science to learners old and young. Through videos and animations, demonstrations, discussions, augmenting traditional instructional techniques with the benefits of digital technology, World Science U aims to bring real, in-depth scientific understanding to everyone. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, World Science U can teach you what you want to learn.

World Science U offers full courses of varying length, Master Classes, and Science Unplugged.

Science Unplugged is a casual learning environment where you can find quick video answers to a wealth of questions on subjects like the Big Bang, Black Holes, Unified Theories, and more. Currently, Science Unplugged contains hundreds of sorted video answers.

Master Classes are short but rich explorations of a wide range of topics, from cosmology, to unified theories, to mathematics, that can typically be completed in less than a week. They include video lectures, interactive demonstrations, exercises, community forums, custom animations, virtual office hours and live sessions.

World Science U courses are unique online learning experiences that provide opportunities for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds to enjoy science in a format comfortable for them. They include video lectures, interactive demonstrations, virtual office hours, community forums, animations, live discussions and reviews.

There's a Final Exam at the end of the university-level Courses, and the points earned are an important factor in receiving a Certificate of Achievement for the course.

To receive a Certificate of Participation from World Science U you must engage with all of the elements (Videos, Demonstrations, Office Hours, Discussions, Exercises, Problems, Reviews, Final Exam) offered in a course.

To receive a Certificate of Achievement from World Science U, you must earn 75% of the available points from Exercises, Problem sets and the Final Exam, as well as engage with at least 75% of the course elements.

Note: At this time, certificates will only be issued for university-level courses.

World Science U does not currently offer university credits for completing a course.

Tools & Features
  • 20+ free online courses
  • Q&A Video Library
  • Exercises, Problem sets and a Final Exam
  • User Dashboard
  • Progress Tracking
  • Interactive demonstrations
  • Animations
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Discussion forums including some scheduled live discussions
  • Certificate of Participation (Free)
  • Certificate of Achievement (Free)

Course Info

Course Cost
Free Courses
Skill Type
  1. Academic
Course Type
  1. MOOCs
Course Format
  1. On-Demand
Course Language
  1. English
  1. Free Course Certificates

Latest reviews

Number of courses
1.00 star(s)
Course format
4.00 star(s)
4.00 star(s)
4.00 star(s)
4.00 star(s)
3.00 star(s)
Social tools & features
5.00 star(s)
Interface usability
4.00 star(s)
Pros: Free courses and certification
Interactive animated visuals
Regular recap reviews
Easy site navigation
Office hours
Active discussion forums
Cons: Currently only 2 university level courses
Limited number of courses
Some courses may be complex for beginners
World Science U provides a very useful free resource for those wishing to develop their knowledge in the science field, whether it be to find a quick answer to a question or to follow a course in a particular area. We look forward to seeing more courses added in the future.


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