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  • Best for:
    Arab-speaking professionals, general interest
    Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Graphic Design and more
    Type of learning:
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    Self-paced video courses
    Digital certificates
    Nadrus.com is an Emirati training platform based in Abu Dhabi that offers Arabic-only courses designed to train individuals on specific skills. The site was set up specifically for Arab learners who cannot speak English.

    Nadrus currently hosts over 200 public and private courses which are delivered by teachers and experts who upload their courses onto the site. The "MOOC-style" courses are available on-demand and are made up of recorded lecture videos, assignments and tests. Learners can choose between free or paid courses in a variety of skills-based fields, such as Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Graphic Design and more.

    Students who complete the courses are automatically awarded with a course certificate.

    Tools & Features
    • 200+ free & paid courses
    • Course discussion forums
    • Digital course certificates
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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