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  1. A

    Study Buddy Looking to practice SQL and Power BI looking for a study partner

    Looking to practice SQL and Power BI looking for a study partner.
  2. U

    Study Buddy Dad Science Study Buddy

    I’m looking for a study buddy to study data science, ML, Probability and Statistics, and even linear algebra with. While I do know some general Python, I have never used its DS libraries. So, it’s safe to day that I’m a beginner. I do have some proficiency with SQL, however. Slightly above...
  3. D

    Study Buddy BSC data science IIT MMADRAS (MATHS 1)

  4. G

    Study Buddy Study with me

    Hello, guys. I'm new to data science. I'm looking for study partners, and I'm already familiar with Python and SQL. So I'll begin with statistics. If you're interested, please send me a message. Thanks
  5. J

    Study Buddy Looking for a Data Science Study Buddy

    Hello! I am a software developer with background in MATLAB but interested now in Data Science. I am looking for someone to study data science + python with. Optimally it would be around 10 hours per week (I am flexible with the hours, but the more the merrier). My idea is mainly self study...
  6. G

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy! Anyone?-Data Science

    Learning data science -python packages and statistics
  7. H

    Study Buddy Would love to be study buddy

    Hi, I am a data scientist and having large experience in Data science, Machine learning, SQL, Programming languages and Python. Looking for good study buddy to improve knowledge. Interested people ping me.
  8. besi

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy to learn Machine Learning for fun.

    I am a junior dev who's trying to get into ML/DL in my free time. I enjoy studying in groups and exchanging ideas so hit me up :)
  9. P

    Study Buddy Intermediate in Python: Looking for someone to build projects together and unblock

    Hey everyone! I'll be going for my masters in Data science in a month. Looking forward to learn and build data analysis/visualization/predictive modelling projects using different tech stack involved. Let me know if anyone is interested in learning and growing together. Very serious about...
  10. S

    Study Buddy Top Data Science courses

    The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python Data Science Course: Machine Learning. Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch. HarvardX's Data Science Professional Certificate. Introduction to Machine Learning Course. ColumbiaX's Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters Program.
  11. MoocLab

    Courses Top 10 Data Science Courses on Coursera

    Data science is one of the hottest professions of the decade. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for many industries, the demand for professionals with specialist data skills like data scientists and data engineers has never been greater. In fact, a recent Dice...
  12. G

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy for Data Science or Data Analytics

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for someone who can join or study along with me. I have done my PG and currently trying to transition into a data analytics role and I need to brush up some statistics and to learn more coding as well. topics: SQL, stats, data modeling, R, Advanced Excel. let me know...
  13. uncommon_name911

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy for any subject (I am motivational and I got a good sense of humour)

    Hi, my name is Dan, I recently finished the high school, I am currently studying Data science, AI, business, marketing, electronic engineering, filmmaking, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and other subjects. I have a good sense of humour, I'm very optimistic, and I like motivating others. I...
  14. Ebyy

    Study Buddy Fastai Study buddy

    Hello Guys, I am planning to form a small study group for FastAi course (Part 1 and Part 2). Please PM your email address in case you are interested and would like to work together.
  15. MoocLab

    Courses In-Demand Data Science & Analytics Skills for 2021 + 11 edX Programs to Match

    Data science is used to gain insights from complex data in order to tackle business problems, and professionals skilled in data, analytics, and machine learning are among the most sought after in the job market today. Whether you’re looking to launch a career in a data science field, or build...
  16. W

    Study Buddy Looking for a Data Science study buddy

    Hi there, my name is William. I'm currently a consultant at a AI/ML Australian Company. I'm looking for a study buddy to motivate and upskill each other through sharing of resources and learning.
  17. Data Science Dojo

    Data Science Dojo

    Data Science Dojo believes that anyone can learn data science. They offer remote, hands-on training that helps students jump into practical data science and enable business professionals to extract actionable insights from data. They have trained more than 5,000 employees from more than 1,500...
  18. MoocLab

    Most Popular Courses in Data Science

    The following list of most popular open online courses in data science is based on information provided by the platforms on which they are delivered. Click on a course title to go to the course page. Machine Learning Stanford University via Coursera In this class, you will learn about the most...
  19. MoocLab

    Courses Ten New Open Online Courses in AI, Machine Learning, IT on Coursera

    Check out the list below that contains 10 trending courses that have launched on Coursera since 2019. Discover courses in data science, business, computer science, and information technology - now available on Coursera. TensorFlow in Practice by AI for Everyone by...
  20. MoocLab

    Master of Science in Data Science

    An interdisciplinary, applied data science master’s degree with no application. Pass a series of placement tests and get started right away. The Curriculum This degree will draw on CU Boulder faculty expertise in statistics, data science, computer science, geospatial analytics, and natural...