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The 3 main platforms, Coursera, edX & Udacity no longer offer unverified certificates. However, some of the other MOOC platforms continue to offer them such as FutureLearn as you said.

No, this doesn't affect CodeAvengers :)
Thanks a lot, Carolyn! You are so kind XX


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ALISON is the global leader in free online certified learning for the workplace. We have 6 million registered learners and 750,000 graduates of our courses worldwide. Each week we will be posting our new course releases here for your review. This week's course is Webpage Design Using HTML5 and CSS3.

Learn how to create and style web pages using HTML5 and CSS3 with this new course from ALISON. Web Page Design Using HTML5 and CSS3 shows you how to declare a HTML5 document and set up the head and body sections of a web page.

You will learn about a wide range of HTML5 elements, their functions and uses, and the global attributes that can be added to virtually any HTML5 element and how to correctly format them within a HTML5 element.

Learners will also discover how to link a HTML web page to a cascading style sheet file and how to code style sheet instructions that style the various HTML5 elements.

They will learn about progressive enhancement in web design, which emphasizes accessibility, semantic HTML markup, and external style sheet and scripting technologies.

Start this free web design course with ALISON today just click here



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MOOC Your Way to Physical Fitness

Healthy Body Healthy Mind. Here at ALISON we believe that your mental performance is directly linked to your own physical fitness. To help you get fit and learn better we have developed a short course on how to build and maintain your physical fitness.


Setting a goal in January to get fit is one thing; developing life-long healthy habits is another. It all comes down to what you know and how you implement it into your lifestyle.

This new free course from ALISON, Physical Fitness – Fitness Tips and Workout Routines starts with the theory behind physical fitness, going on to provide learners with practical workouts that can help them develop and maintain it.

Learn how the body responds and adapts to physical exercise, how the cardiovascular system functions and how the heart supplies oxygen-rich blood to muscles during exercise.

You will also discover how to actively improve your physical fitness with simple workouts and easy to follow fitness tips that have been shown to increase cardiovascular fitness.

Start this free physical fitness course today just click here
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Introduction to Community Development


Community development plays a vital role in helping to combat many social issues including poverty, security, lack of social inclusion, gender inequality and the management of scares resources. Through this new free online Community Development course ALISON hopes to help improve the skills and management of these vital groups.

Do you work or volunteer in your local community? Or have you just identified an issue that needs community participation?

ALISON’s new Introduction to Community Development course can help you get your community work off the ground by introducing you to the key concepts, what you need to do to get a community group started and how to organise a community group to take action.

The course will also look at volunteering, the role of volunteers and how to organise a team of volunteers to achieve community development objectives

Introduction to Community Development will help you identify issues to be action-ed within the community, set up the right team and develop the strategies you can use to further your objectives.

Start this free online Community Development course today just click here.
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Learn Web Development – Advanced CSS3 Selectors and HTML5 Elements

Web design and development skills have never been in greater demand and that is not likely to change anytime soon. This is the second course in ALISON's new series of courses on web development with a particular emphasis on HTML5 and CSS3.


Further develop your coding skills using advanced CSS3 and HTML5 elements with this new web development course from ALISON.

Web Development – Advanced CSS3 Selectors and HTML5 Elements introduces learners to the advanced features and functionality of CSS3 and HTML5, allowing for precise web page styling and formatting.

You will learn how to create a correctly formatted form using the form element and create different types of form inputs. You will also learn how to identify and use input types for the input element, and identify and use attributes for the input element.

Learners will discover how to work with forms, use CSS3 to style web pages and how to work with HTML5 canvas and SVG.

This free web development course from ALISON is ideal for learners who want to develop their coding skills.

Start this free web development course today just click here



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Diploma in Sales Management

Sales are the lifeblood of every business so being able to sell effectively is a skill that everyone in business needs to master. This Diploma in Sales Management from ALISON covers everything you need to know to become a top performing sales person.

Looking for a career in sales or to start your own business? While selling is a vital aspect of every business, most struggle with it at some stage.

This Diploma in Sales Management uncovers the principles, practices and tools involved in all aspects of the selling process.

You will learn about customer relationship management, adaptive selling and how Internet-based tools and web sites increasingly allow customers to participate in the sales process.

This diploma also covers the role of ethics, customer prospecting, the main types of objections sales people encounter and six strategies that will help you handle any of them.

Learners will also discover how to research the viability of a business idea.

Start this free Diploma in Sales Management today just click here



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Free Study Skills Course

Here at ALISON we have through extensive experience, and a lot of research compiled a study skills programme that will show you how to study and succeed. This short intensive course will give you the tools and techniques to maximize your study performance leading to greater exam success.


Learn effective study skills and how to get more done in less time with this free online Study Skills course from ALISON.

This Study Skills course provides detailed information on a variety of techniques you can use to greatly improve your study skills and offers advice on how you can identify and overcome common study problems.

The course will also show you how you can manage your study workload and how you can develop good time management skills.

You will learn about learning strategies, such as the process of storing and retrieving information, the use of mnemonics for memorizing lists and data, and the most effective ways to ask questions either in a classroom setting or in an online forum.

This course will give you simple study tips to help maximize your study success. Start this free course today just click here



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Learn How to Deliver A Community Development Project

This is the second course in ALISON's new Community Development series. This course looks at how to get a community project off the ground including the important issues of funding and fundraising.

Are you trying to get a community project off the ground? ALISON’s latest Community Development course – Delivering Community Development will give you the key skills you need to deliver community-based projects, including effective communication, facilitation techniques and key leadership skills.

It will show you how to prepare presentations, how to work with other organisations, and how to identify the key factors that make a successful partnership.

Delivering Community Development also examines the pros and cons of different types of fundraising, what makes for a successful volunteer program and how to recruit volunteers.

You will learn how to evaluate community projects and what you need to do to sustain progress.

Other courses in ALISON’s Community Development series include:

Introduction to Community Development

Start this free community development programme on ALISON today just click here



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Health and Fitness – Flexibility, Calisthenics and Plyometrics

Learn how stretching exercises, calisthenics and plyometric
exercises can be used to improve flexibility, core strength, and muscular speed and power.


Learn how to improve your flexibility, core strength, and muscular speed and power with this Health and Fitness course from ALISON.

Health and Fitness – Flexibility, Calisthenics and Plyometrics shows learners how to develop and improve their flexibility. It presents a range of calisthenic exercises that help improve the core strength of muscle groups.

And, it examines a range of low, medium and high intensity plyometric exercises that can be used to develop explosive speed and power in various muscle groups.

This course will be of interest to anyone wishing to improve their overall flexibility, core strength and suppleness or individuals who may be interested in pursuing a career in health and fitness.

Other courses in ALISON’s health and fitness course series include:

Physical Fitness – Fitness Tips and Workout Routines

Health and Fitness – Running Tips, Swimming and Strength Training

Start this free course on ALISON today just click here



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This week, millions of people around the world will try out The Hour of Code as part of Computer Science Education Week. The Hour of Code is a global movement initiated by reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organise an Hour of Code event.
Here is a list of online resources where you can get started with coding for free:

khan academy also has "hour of code" content and provides a platform for projects.


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LinkedIn Learning is offering 100% free access to all their courses from 24th to 30th October.

Find out more >>

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform enabling individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives and aspirations by helping people discover and develop the skills they need through a personalized, data-driven learning experience.

LinkedIn Learning combines the industry-leading content from with LinkedIn’s professional data and network. With more than 450 million member profiles and billions of engagements, LinkedIn have a unique view of how jobs, industries, organizations and skills evolve over time. From this, they can identify the skills you need and deliver expert-led courses to help you obtain those skills.


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We are Imperial College students, looking to build a new MOOC platform that would provide convenience in relevant MOOC choice and job search all at once.

Please help us do so by taking the following survey!

Your help is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance:

MOOCs & Careers Survey