World University Rankings by MOOC Performance 2020

World University Rankings by MOOC Performance 2021 - Results are out

MoocLab's World University Rankings 2020 include over 200 universities across the world, and are the first ever world university rankings based on MOOC provision.

This first edition includes institutions offering courses on the three leading MOOC platforms - Coursera, edX and FutureLearn.

If you are unfamiliar with MOOCs, see MoocLab's MOOC Help Centre.

This table ranks universities based on 5 performance indicators that measure an institution’s performance across the number of MOOCs provided, the provision of learning pathways, micro-credentials, degrees and the institution's average world ranking*.

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RANKInstitutionMOOCsLearning PathwaysMicro-CredentialsDegreesAverage World Ranking*Country
1Delft University of Technology More 94109098Netherlands
2University of Pennsylvania More134164114USA
3University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign More138151454USA
4Coventry University More730015618United Kingdom
5University of Michigan More132114221USA
6University of Washington More 43128036USA
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology More 1769303USA
8Deakin University More38119282Australia
9Harvard University More13211304USA
10University of California, Berkeley More5576015USA
11Wageningen University & Research More37870120Netherlands
12University of Queensland More4875156Australia
13University of California, San Diego More26143131USA
14Arizona State University More611131165USA
15University of California, Irvine More1071900132USA
16University of Colorado Boulder More751402123USA
17Georgia Institute of Technology More2544279USA
18Columbia University More5354014USA
19Johns Hopkins University More90110017USA
20The Open University More62843651United Kingdom
21University of Minnesota More48102092USA
22Curtin University More 27541252Australia
23University of California, Davis More54101083USA
24Rice University More 7490095USA
25Universitat Politècnica de Valencia More76650562Spain
26Imperial College London More1340214United Kingdom
27Boston University More1522178USA
28Indiana University More6222191USA
29University of British Columbia More3822040Canada
30Tecnológico de Monterrey More58830429Mexico
31Hong Kong University of Science and Technology More51510109Hong Kong
32Duke University More5950024USA
33Purdue University More3521190USA
34Hong Kong Polytechnic University More15330171Hong Kong
35Peking University More 9120033China
36Dartmouth College More20330217USA
37Tsinghua University More5311027China
38École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne More9710045Switzerland
39The University of Edinburgh More4911027United Kingdom
40Northwestern University More3850027USA
41New York University More 1341033USA
42Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México More 95900351Mexico
43University of Leeds More 63500125United Kingdom
44Université catholique de Louvain More31220165Belgium
45University of Maryland, College Park More4350091USA
46University of Toronto More3330024Canada
47Moscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyMore75800326Russia
48Monash University More1921067Australia
49University of Chicago More811010USA
50Stanford University More282003USA
51Yale University More3120012USA
52Michigan State University More31500118USA
53University of Hong Kong More2111062Hong Kong
54Technische Universität München More1711052Germany
55KTH Royal Institute of Technology More14220191Sweden
56Australian National UniversityMore 1511052Australia
57Wesleyan University More2530043USA
58University of Texas at Austin More1800149USA
59Macquarie University More30401238Australia
60National Research University Higher School of Economics More96601516Russia
61Rutgers the State University of New Jersey More21310185USA
62University of Adelaide More20110117Australia
63National Taiwan University More56100122Taiwan
64University of Virginia More44300160USA
65The University of Melbourne More2510037Australia
66University of Glasgow More19001114United Kingdom
67Princeton University More230008USA
68ETH ZurichMore1110013Switzerland
69University of Alberta More25300125Canada
70Yonsei University More29400184South Korea
71University of Geneva More36100104Switzerland
72RWTH Aachen University More17110163Germany
73UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales) More2110069Australia
74The University of Sydney More1710061Australia
75The Chinese University of Hong Kong More2210076Hong Kong
76UCL (University College London) More1200013United Kingdom
77California Institute of Technology (Caltech) More90005USA
78Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) More1210049Germany
79Cornell University More1200015USA
80Fudan University More1420092China
81Shanghai Jiao Tong University More16200100China
82University of Tokyo More1400028Japan
83King's College London More1700040United Kingdom
84Universiteit Leiden More3200089Netherlands
85Karolinska Institutet More1400040Sweden
86The University of Newcastle Australia More20111328Australia
87University of Reading More27210260United Kingdom
88Kyoto University More1400043Japan
89Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona More44200199Spain
90University of Amsterdam More1310084Netherlands
91Emory University More24100121USA
92McMaster University More15100101Canada
93University of Copenhagen More1600069Denmark
94The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill More1200059USA
95University of Birmingham More16100106United Kingdom
96University of Manchester More400038United Kingdom
97KU Leuven University More1500070Belgium
98Sorbonne Université More1200067France
99Seoul National University More1400076South Korea
100University of Science and Technology of China More710098China
101University of Groningen More1400084Netherlands
102University of Aberdeen More5110204GBR
103McGill University More400056Canada
104École Normale Supérieure More600063France
105Vanderbilt University More15100124USA
106Brown University More500065USA
107University of Southampton More22000115GBR
108Erasmus University Rotterdam More19000107Netherlands
109Universidad Autónoma de Madrid More26110273Spain
110University of Bristol More400067GBR
111University of Zurich More600076Switzerland
112Utrecht University More700081Netherlands
113The University of Sheffield More16000107GBR
114Chalmers University of Technology More15110250Sweden
115Saint Petersburg State University More65500428Russia
116The State University of New York More47600413USA
117Lund University More 12000105Sweden
118The University of Warwick More 600088GBR
119The Pennsylvania State University More600090USA
120Case Western Reserve University More10100137USA
121Queensland University of Technology More23300251Australia
122Universidade de São Paulo More19100172Brazil
123University of Oslo More6000103Norway
124University of Nottingham More12000125GBR
125University of Basel More7000111Switzerland
126Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) More14000134South Korea
127The University of Western Australia (UWA) More3000105Australia
128École Polytechnique More25000168France
129University of Pittsburgh More6000114USA
130Nanjing University (NJU) More15000147China
131University of Florida More14000146USA
132University of Exeter More18000162GBR
133RMIT University More9210321Australia
134Technical University of Denmark (DTU) More9000141Denmark
135Indian Institute of Technology Bombay More14220451India
136Trinity College Dublin More9000149Ireland
137Tokyo Institute of Technology More10000153Japan
138University of Cape Town More22000195South Africa
139University of Liverpool More8000157GBR
140City University of Hong Kong More3000143Hong Kong
141University of Rochester More13000173USA
142Durham University More4000154GBR
143Universitat de Barcelona More15000189Spain
144University of Arizona More5000164USA
145Cardiff University More3000159GBR
146Hebrew University of Jerusalem More7000171Israel
147Tel Aviv University More14000195Israel
148University of Lausanne More7000176Switzerland
149The University of Auckland More3000171New Zealand
150University of York More13000209GBR
151Lancaster University More11000206GBR
152Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II More60100383Italy
153Osaka University More4000191Japan
154UEA (University of East Anglia) More25000252GBR
155Georgetown University More15000226USA
156Pontificia Universidad Javeriana More45110459Columbia
157Newcastle University More7000207GBR
158University of California, Santa Cruz More11000224USA
159Eindhoven University of Technology More7000213Netherlands
160Technion - Israel Institute of Technology More12100264Israel
161Sapienza University of Rome More6000218Italy
162Northeastern University More4100256USA
163University of Wollongong More6000229Australia
164Pohang University of Science and Technology More5000228South Korea
165University of Notre Dame More7000239USA
166Politecnico di Milano More8000242Italy
167University of Padova More5000237Italy
168Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) More28220599Spain
169University of Leicester More8000252GBR
170University of Bergen More4000246Norway
171Queen's University Belfast More3000250GBR
172Wits University More13000282South Africa
173Griffith University More18000299Australia
174École des Ponts ParisTech More4000263France
175University of Bath More12000299GBR
176University of Twente More7000287Netherlands
177University of Dundee More7000293GBR
178Xi'an Jiaotong University More11100344China
179Hanyang University More5000292South Korea
180Goldsmiths, University of London More26100396GBR
181Sciences Po More18000346France
182Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) More5000312Norway
183Universidade Estadual de Campinas More13100372Brazil
184Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile More23100409Chile
185Universidad de los Andes More30301628Colombia
186Novosibirsk State University More17100411Russia
187Murdoch University More3002592Australia
188National Research Tomsk State University More50200556Russia
189Royal Holloway, University of London More6000372GBR
189Victoria University of Wellington More6000372New Zealand
191National Research Nuclear University MEPhI More39000477Russia
192Colorado State University More5000381USA
193Keio University More7000417Japan
194University of New Mexico More12000434USA
195University of Iceland More4000413Iceland
196University of Kent More6000431GBR
197Waseda University More10100482Japan
198Universidad Galileo More195501001+Guatemala
199University of Strathclyde More13000466GBR
200CentraleSupélec More3000447France
201 University of Houston More7000459USA
201 Taipei Medical University More14000502Taiwan
201 The University of Waikato More3100522New Zealand
201 Rochester Institute of Technology More265401001+USA
201 Universidad de Chile More13000547Chile
201 West Virginia University More8100576USA
201 Dublin City University More10000565Ireland
201 ITMO University More9000579Russia
201 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba More15110767Argentina
201 Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University More12000664Russia
201 Koç University More7000668Turkey
201 Ural Federal University More6000683Russia
201 Universidad del Rosario More82201001+Columbia
201 Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) More11000922Russia
201 Universidad Austral More294001001+Argentina
201 Universidad Anahuac More71101001+Mexico
201 University System of Georgia More193001001+USA
201 Berklee College of Music More91001001+USA
201 Università Bocconi More100001001+Italy
201 Università per Stranieri di Siena (UniStraSi) More50001001+Italy
201 Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) More40001001+China

*The average world university ranking is the mean score obtained from three of the most trusted World University Rankings: Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), QS World University Rankings (QS) and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). These ranking publishers use different performance indicators such as teaching quality, research quality or the ratio of staff to students to place higher education institutions in order of success and impact. Results across the different rankings will vary according to the measures used and the importance they place on the different performance indicators. These can be used as an indicator of a university's prospects and prestige.

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