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Hello! My name is Jocelyn. I'm from Peru. I’m new here and I hope to find friends from all over the world who like to study or learn stuff as much as I do, I’m interested in almost everything: physics, philosophy, math, engineering, sociology, astronomy, history, … I’m also learning French and my level of English is intermediate, so if anyone is learning Spanish and wants to exchange languages with me, feel free to contact me <3


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Hi, my name is Juno and I'm from Indonesia. I'm currently studying physics on my 4th semester. I'm looking forward to find a study buddy where we can study together and keep each other motivated & accountable!


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hi. l am Juru, currently studying for a Microsoft data engineering certification dp203. l will be glad to partner up with people who have done it before or are currently working on it.


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Hello MoocLab Community!

I'm Carolyn, the founder of MoocLab. WELCOME!

There are so many awesome members who have joined MoocLab so I wanted to create a space for you to share a little more about who you are and all the things you are up to.

Some questions you may answer to get you going…feel free to add anything else if you want to (just keep it friendly and appropriate!).
  • Who are you?
  • What are you learning?
  • How do you plan to use your new skills? Personally/professionally?
  • How do you think MoocLab can help you achieve your goals?
  • What courses have you taken, or are planning to take?
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Hello there,
I'm a high school student, website builder based in India. I am good at Social Sciences, Math, Literature, Computer Sciences. Looking forward to achieve my goals with study buddies!


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Hello everyone, my name is Tearria from Georgia, US. Im currently taking HRBM at Western Governors University. I'm hoping to improve my study habits & build more people skills. :)


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Hi - Here is Far from Sweden. I'm a first-year master's student in Stockholm, Sweden.
I'm new here on this platform, so I'm trying to figure out how to navigate myself here.

I am looking for a study buddy in Google Data Analytics Certification.

I've recently started the certification on Coursera and I'm at the beginner level and come from a nontechnical background. I want to learn DATA. If you are interested in studying together, get in touch with me. We can set up a meeting and make plans. I'm an open and easy-going person. If you have tips/advice. Please let me know, I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you.

Nilsa F.

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Hello everyone! I am studying to get my CPB and CPC medical billing and coding licensures and would LOVE someone to study with. I am open to join someone who just needs to simply needs the company while they study.

I prefer any time after 5pm EST, and am open any time on the weekends. Thanks!

Amelia Dorothy

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Hi I'm Dorothy, I'm only about to go to college and am very passionate about it, I'm interested in learning that's why I joined this club. I want to surround myself with people who can inspire me to strive and become a better learner. I'm looking forward to meeting people who can push me to my limits and inspire me to go further.

Prashant kumar

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Hi my name is Prashant Kumar from India . I am currently in last year of high school I am pursuing for medical . My dream to go in research field
I am good in studies and want to increase my hard work to my potential. I just need some friends are who also have a dream in their life and want to get it no matter what. We can study together for long hours. And achiever our goal together;)


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Hi everyone. I'm Jess. I'm 33 and self study various topics for fun. I have a degree in Archaeology and anthropology but now tend to focus on languages, sciences and anything else I decide is fascinating! Would love to meet other people who enjoy learning and have people to study alongside. :)

Anonymous L.

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Hey, there! My name is Lauren. I learned about Mooclab in my search for a school speech :p I am homeschooled, but I have an intensive curriculum, so I need something to keep me accountable. I'm into: Latin, English, Literature, Debate, Art, and more subjects!

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Hi, I'm Sage. I am currently studying biology and maths, planning to study wildlife biology in uni ^^
I am a very hard working person, taking studying seriously, came to mooclab to find people to study with because homeschooling is lonely. I can be a very good accountability partner or just a friend to chat to during breaks. I have met so many wonderful people here so far and I hope to find more :> Let me know if you wanna study with me on Fiveable or Studyverse, I'll send you a link!