About ID Verification on FutureLearn


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ID verification is where your ID is matched with an image of you, to verify it’s you learning with FutureLearn. This way you can earn credit from universities and build trust in your Certificates of Achievement. A successful verification will result in the ID verified badge being shown on your physical and digital Certificates of Achievement, and on your profile page.

ID verification is optional for learners who have upgraded a course. However for programs which offer academic or professional credit, learners should verify their identity in order that partners can issue their credit later.

If you choose to have your ID verified, you will be asked to scan a valid ID (passport, driver’s license or government issued ID) using your webcam. You will also be asked to take a picture of your face to validate that it matches the picture on your document. The company behind this ID verification is called Jumio. Jumio specialises in ID recognition and has developed a secure mechanism to verify IDs online.

Apart from sharing your information with Jumio to carry out the ID verification, none of the information you submit will be shared with anyone outside FutureLearn unless you give your permission. Your details will be automatically checked and – if verified – only your document name is stored by FutureLearn.