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  1. Carolyn

    Introducing MoocLab's New MOOC Help Centre

    If you are new to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), you may be looking for some guidance to get you started on the right track. Here at MoocLab, we have set up a MOOC Help Centre to help answer some common questions or uncertainties. Some of the most viewed General MOOC Questions are: How...
  2. MoocLab

    About Degrees on FutureLearn

    FutureLearn offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree qualifications. These include bachelor of arts, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master and master of professional practice, all of which are internationally recognised. Degrees on FutureLearn are made of up programs, each earning...
  3. MoocLab

    About FutureLearn Programs

    FutureLearn offers a microcredential called a program which is a series of courses designed to provide you with a deeper and more valuable learning experience than a single course. Taking all courses in a program will allow you to develop and demonstrate your learning progress. The program may...
  4. MoocLab

    About ID Verification on FutureLearn

    ID verification is where your ID is matched with an image of you, to verify it’s you learning with FutureLearn. This way you can earn credit from universities and build trust in your Certificates of Achievement. A successful verification will result in the ID verified badge being shown on your...
  5. MoocLab

    Can I gain university credits from FutureLearn courses?

    Courses that are part of degrees on FutureLearn can earn academic credit and qualifications with the delivering university. Some FutureLearn courses are part of programs that can be exchanged for academic credits at universities when you continue your study with them directly.
  6. MoocLab

    About FutureLearn Unlimited

    In addition to course upgrades, FutureLearn offers the option to buy unlimited access which means you can study as many upgradeable short courses as you like in a year. The cost of Unlimited is £209 for one year and includes the possibility to gain digital Certificates of Achievement on all...
  7. MoocLab

    About FutureLearn Upgrades

    Most FutureLearn courses have a ‘join free’ option which will allow you to access the majority of the course materials for its duration plus 14 days. The free option does not include a certificate,but you'll see an option to upgrade. When you upgrade, you pay to get: Unlimited access to the...
  8. MoocLab

    About FutureLearn certificates

    To get a Certificate of Achievement on FutureLearn, you need to upgrade your course (find out more about upgrading). Then you must mark over 90% of course steps as complete and attempt all test questions, achieving a score of over 70%. FutureLearn certificates come in both printed and digital...
  9. MoocLab

    How do I unenrol from a FutureLearn course?

    To unenrol from a course you’ve signed up to, go to your account on FutureLearn and slect "Your Learning" from the dropdown list. Here you’ll see an icon with an arrow on each course you’ve joined. Just click on the icon to leave the course. You can rejoin a course any time until it closes...
  10. MoocLab

    How do I enrol on a FutureLearn course?

    Enrolling on a FutureLearn course is very quick and straight forward. If you found the course using MoocLab's MOOC Directory, click on the green "Go To Course" button on the right sidebar of the course information page. This will take you directly to the course provider page - click on the pink...
  11. MoocLab

    How much does a FutureLearn course cost?

    Most courses are offered with an option to learn for free for a limited time (course length plus 14 days). You can opt to pay for a course upgrade which will give you access to the course for as long as it exists on FutureLearn, access to course tests and enable you to qualify for a certificate...
  12. MoocLab

    About FutureLearn courses

    FutureLearn is an online education provider based in the UK that offers Massive Open Online Courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, in partnership with leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. They currently have a catalog of over 700 courses. FutureLearn courses include...
  13. MoocLab

    About FutureLearn

    FutureLearn is an online education provider based in the UK that offers Massive Open Online Courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, as well as microcredentials and degrees in partnership with leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. Founded in 2013, FutureLearn is...
  14. MoocLab

    Can I access edX courses on a mobile device?

    Yes, you can take edX courses using a smartphone or tablet. edX offers a free mobile app in both Android and iOS versions. The Android app is available in the Google Play Store, and the iOS app is available in the Apple App Store. You can also use the iOS app on Apple tablets. For Android...
  15. MoocLab

    Can I get help on an edX course?

    EdX courses have discussion forums where you can ask questions about assignments, quizzes, grades, and other course content. To get to your course discussion forum click the link at the top of the page within your course.
  16. MoocLab

    Can I enrol on an edX course if it has already started?

    Yes, you can. Many self-paced courses can be joined months after the start date. For instructor-paced courses, you may join late but you will not be able to turn in any assignments or exams that were due before you enrolled. If it is early in the course, you might still be able to complete...
  17. MoocLab

    Does edX offer financial assistance?

    EdX offers up to a 90% discount on verified certificates to learners who cannot afford to pay the full price. Assistance is available in most courses that offer verified certificates, however, some courses and programs are not eligible. You can be approved up to five times in a twelve-month...
  18. MoocLab

    What's the difference between audit (free) and verified (paid) courses on edX?

    Learners have two options when enrolling on a course on edX - the audit (free) or verified (paid) track. Paid or Verified track: This track gives you access to all course materials including graded assignments. You will have unlimited access to the course material until the course ends...
  19. MoocLab

    About edX Professional Education

    In addition to their standard courses which can be accessed for free, EdX also offers Professional Education courses which are paid-only. These offer a more convenient and affordable alternative to traditional in-person professional education courses, while providing the same or higher levels of...
  20. MoocLab

    About edX Professional Certificate Programs

    EdX Professional Certificate programs are designed to build and enhance specific in-demand professional skills needed in today's job market, such as digital marketing, virtual reality and data science. The programs, which are endorsed by companies like HSBC, GitHub and The North Face, are...