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FutureLearn offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree qualifications. These include bachelor of arts, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master and master of professional practice, all of which are internationally recognised.

Degrees on FutureLearn are made of up programs, each earning you a credit. Each program will take at least 5 hours of study a week. Within this there will be weeks of assessment which will require more time, this is clearly indicated in advance. The amount of time it takes to complete a degree varies depending on how many programs you study at once, when you start your study and if you take any breaks.

Degrees on FutureLearn are fully online and comprise videos, articles, tests, assignments and discussion forums to collaborate with peers and receive feedback from the educators. Students also get full access to the university library, online resources and support.

Entry Requirements
FutureLearn offers several options of degrees that all have different entry requirements - these can be seen under the “what experience do you need” section on the degree pages. Degrees in specialist areas may also require specific requirements for enrolment.

Anyone from any country can study a degree, but you must meet the minimum language requirements outlined on the degree page.

Credit for prior learning
It will vary from university to university what the credit for prior learning requirements are. Information on credit can be found on the degree pages.

Degree Fees
Degrees on FutureLearn vary in price depending on the subject. The best way to find out how much one costs is to navigate to the degree page, find the degree you’re interested in studying and click on the "Go to Degree" button. Here, you will find all the information relating to the degree including fees.

Some degrees you have to pay for upfront, paying for the whole qualification in one go. Others you can buy a program at a time, building to the level that you want. This allows you to space out your purchasing and decide later what degree you want to work towards.

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