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FutureLearn is an online education provider based in the UK that offers Massive Open Online Courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, in partnership with leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. They currently have a catalog of over 700 courses.

FutureLearn courses include pre-recorded video lectures, readings, student discussion forums, homework/assignments, and online quizzes or exams. Most courses are offered with an option to learn for free for a limited time (course length plus 14 days). You can opt to pay for a course upgrade which will give you access to the course for as long as it exists on FutureLearn, access to course tests and enable you to qualify for a certificate. You can also buy unlimited access for one year. Some premium courses are only offered on a paid-for basis. These courses are designed for professionals looking to advance their careers and learn with a smaller group of like-minded individuals.

Courses run on a scheduled basis with a start and end date and vary in length. Most are six to ten weeks long and some are shorter two and three week courses. The courses are split into weeks, each week contains several activities, and these are made up of short tasks that you can do at a time (and pace) that best suits you. Very occasionally, educators will schedule activities that take place at a specific time, but any content will generally remain online afterwards.

FutureLearn also offers microcredentials called Programs as well as online Degrees. See the relevant help articles for more information on these.