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FutureLearn offers a microcredential called a program which is a series of courses designed to provide you with a deeper and more valuable learning experience than a single course. Taking all courses in a program will allow you to develop and demonstrate your learning progress. The program may also include an additional summative element such as an exam or tutor marked assessment where appropriate.

Normally there are no prerequisites to take a program; if there are, these will be listed on the program page. You can take courses that are part of a program without paying, but if you would like to receive a FutureLearn Award to prove what you’ve learned, or gain university-recognised credit (for those programs which offer this), you must upgrade your courses and qualify for a Certificate of Achievement for each course on the program.

You can complete a program at your own pace. Each course in a program remains available indefinitely, although you may find that other learners and mentors are no longer present after the official ‘end’ date of the course. Each course in a program will be offered regularly, and so you will be able to complete a later run of that course if you need to.

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