What is the difference between a Qualified Teacher and a Community Tutor?

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    There are two types of tutors on MoocLab: Qualified Teachers and Community Tutors.

    BOTH Qualified Teachers AND Community Tutors:
    • Have expertise in the subject(s) they teach
    • Are expected to conform to MoocLab's Tutor Policies & Code of Conduct
    • Are admitted only after submitting a tutor resource page which is personally reviewed by MoocLab staff.
    Qualified teachers are teaching professionals who have been trained to teach. They have at least one of the qualifications below, as verified by MoocLab staff:
    • Professional teaching experience in a school, university, or other educational institute
    • University degree in education
    • Teaching certification from an accredited institution
    Professional Teachers can offer the following:
    • Prepared lesson and course materials
    • Structured lessons
    • Specialized classes
    • Recommendations for accomplishing short- or long-term goals

    Community Tutors can help you learn a subject or topic through informal tutoring. Community Tutors are not formally qualified teachers, but they are knowledgeable and passionate about helping others learn.

    Community Tutors have the following qualifications:
    • patient, understanding and friendly, with a desire to help others
    • passionate about their subject
    Community Tutors can offer the following:
    • Help with homework
    • Answer questions about the subject
    • Give advice for good sources of content to study
    Many Community Tutors go above and beyond these basic expectations in order to help the students who come to them, but Community Tutors are not expected to have prepared lessons or a teaching plan.

    Apply to be a tutor

    If you have a passion for a subject, and are interested in becoming an online tutor on MoocLab, please apply!
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