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Tips for giving good lessons

Posted in 'Your Students & Lessons' started by MoocLab, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. MoocLab

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    You'll find below some basic tips for giving good lessons.

    Naturally, giving good lessons on MoocLab is very important for your reputation. As you teach more students and have more lessons, it becomes easier to find new students and earn more.

    Having a good lesson starts BEFORE the lesson actually begins.
    • Find out what your student needs help with so you can prepare
    • Agree when the lesson will take place (day & time)
    • Agree what platform you will use to conduct the lesson - We recommend MoocLab's Instant Chat App or a 3rd party app such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime or QQ. All are free to use.
    • If you use a 3rd party app, you MUST download, install and create an account before your first lesson and add/invite the student as soon as possible.
    • Send a reminder message to your student and make sure YOU start the lesson at the agreed-on lesson time.
    When the lesson begins, remember these simple rules:
    • Pay careful attention to the lesson time. We recommend using a tool like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to manage your schedule. Missing a session is a serious mistake, and this type of error is easy to avoid.
    • Prepare for technical problems. International internet connections are sometimes unstable. Try to test your connection before the lesson. At least make sure your communication software is up-to-date and your microphone is working. Technical problems can ruin an otherwise good experience for your student.
    • If you are a professional teacher, have a structured lesson plan ready for your student. As a professional teacher, you shouldn't expect the student to know where to start. We think students appreciate having a sense of learning objectives, expectations and progress.
    • Be patient. Building a positive reputation takes time. When you start out without any lesson history, it is difficult to show students that you are a great teacher. In addition, every teacher will eventually run into a student that will not be satisfied. Don't give up, and keep on teaching. Over time, you'll build up a great reputation and loyal group of students
    • Be Friendly
    • Smile
    • Have Fun
    If you have further tips for teachers, please post them below!
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