Sell your own study notes & more...

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    Sell your own study notes & more...
    MoocLab is very excited to announce that we will be launching a Premium Marketplace which will consist of crowd-sourced services, study notes, study guides, essays, practice tests and more made available for purchase by students, teachers and experts.

    As a student, teacher or expert in your field, you have no doubt written loads of summaries, lecture notes, surveys, case studies and essays. As the rightful owner of your work, you can turn your resources into a source of income by selling them to others. Simply upload your document(s), set your price and earn money every time someone buys your work.

    Before the service launches for general availability, we are looking for people to start adding their study resources to the site.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to earn money and help others with their learning by sharing your own resources.

    Examples of the types of resources we are looking for are:
    • Your own study notes from a course or topic
    • A study guide for a particular course based on your own experience studying the course
    • Essays
    • Practice tests with sample answers
    • Assignment help - recommendations and advice relating to a particular course assignment that you have done
    • Case studies

    Examples of types of services that could help other learners:
    • Mentoring services
    • Help with particular assignments
    • Translation services
    • Tutoring
    • Assignment review and feedback
    • Help with résumés

    If you would like to get early access and contribute your resources or services for sale on MoocLab's marketplace, please click on this link to find out more.

    We look forward to seeing some great resources and services to help others succeed in their online learning.

    Carolyn from MoocLab

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