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Study Buddy How to connect with your Study Buddies

Posted in 'Study Buddy' started by Carolyn, Jan 23, 2017.

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    How to connect with your Study Buddies
    Connect with Study Buddy.jpg
    Once you have found your Study Buddy, using MoocLab's "Conversation" tool is a great way for you to connect and interact with your study partner(s) in a private and secure way. A "Conversation" on MoocLab is a private discussion viewable to only those invited to join the conversation. You can invite people at any stage in the conversation. If there is a response to a conversation or you have been invited into one then you will get an alert in your inbox at the top right of the page.

    Important: To receive email notifications, ensure the box next to "Receive Site Mailings" in your Privacy Settings is checked and don't forget to check your spam/junk folders for any emails from contact@mooclab.club. Adding contact@mooclab.club to your Address Book or Safe Senders List will ensure you don't miss any future email notifications.

    Starting a Conversation
    • Click a member's Username or Avatar and then on "Start a Conversation" directly from their member card or profile page:
    Click to enlarge
    Start a conversation 1.png Start a conversation 2.png

    • You can add up to 10 people to the participants list by entering their usernames separated by a comma.
    • Enter a conversation title and then write your message in the box provided.
    • You can select to allow anyone in the conversation to invite others or lock the conversation (no responses will be allowed).
    • Click on the green "Start a conversation" button when you're done.
    Click to enlarge
    Start a conversation 3.png

    Uploading a file from your PC
    • Sometimes, you may wish to share a document or picture with the other participant(s).
    • To do this, click on the green "Upload a File" button below the text box.
    Click to enlarge
    Upload file.png

    • Choose the file from your PC and double click on it to upload.
    • Your attached files will appear below the text box.
    • You can insert them into the text box by placing the cursor where you wish the image to appear, and then selecting "Tumbnail" or "Full Image". (The images used here are Thumbnails. Try clicking on one to see what happens).

    Embedding images and other media

    • If you know the URL (Web address) of an image or other media such as a YouTube video, Google Doc, Tweet etc, you can use the editors toolbar above the text box to embed media to share with the other participants.
    Click to enlarge
    Editing Bar.png

    • Use the Picture icon.png icon for embedding pictures and the Media icon.png icon for other media.
    Inviting others to join an existing conversation

    Once you have started interacting with a study partner, you may wish to invite other members to join (so long as this has been allowed by the conversation starter).
    To invite new members, click on the "Invite More" link situated under the "Conversation Info" to the right of your screen.

    Click to enlarge
    Invite more.png
    • Enter the Usernames into the box provided separated by a comma and click on "Invite Members".
    Click to enlarge
    Invite Members.png

    Finding my Conversations

    • To access your conversations, hover over your Username at the top right of the page, and selct "Conversations".
    • Click on a Conversation title to open it up.
    Click to enlarge

    Leaving a Conversation

    • If you no longer wish to be part of a conversation, click on the blue "Leave Conversation" link above the conversation thread.
    Click to enlarge
    Leave conversation.png

    Using the Instant Messenger
    In addition to our Private Messaging System, with MoocLab's Instant Messenger tool, you can chat in real time with your Study Buddy without having to use other apps, such as Facebook or Whatsapp to study together. You can meet online to share messages, photos, documents and videos instantly.

    You can access the Instant Messenger directly from any Private Conversation page. Click on "New Message" to start a new chat with someone and enter their username in the box provided. Type your message and hit "Send". Your messages will appear in the Chat Room.

    Click to enlarge

    Also see Tips on finding your ideal Study Buddy on MoocLab & How to work best with an Online Study Buddy

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