What are MOOCs?


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MOOCs are educational courses which are delivered online and are open to a large group of students who all learn the same thing at the same time. MOOCs are often delivered by renowned professors from famous universities and they're usually free to access.

A MOOC is:
  • Massive: Large amounts of information available to a large number of people.
  • Open: The information is available to anyone usually at no cost
  • Online: The course is accessed via the Internet.
  • Course: It is a class on a specific topic taught by a professor, complete with a syllabus and lesson plans.

A MOOC is the same class a student at a prestigious university would take, with video lessons, readings, assessments, and discussion forums. The difference is that you can learn from your own home at a time that suits you.

A MOOC allows students to learn at their own pace, connect and collaborate with other learners who share interests.

Some providers offer assessments and certificates for course completion for a fee although these are not always recognised qualifications.

Learners sign up to MOOCs via MOOC Provider Platforms such as Coursera, EdX, Futurelearn etc

Here's an example of a MOOC: Coursera - Machine Learning