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Hi am Brave Roman and am currently studying computer engineering and cybersec my interest is science computers and robotics looking forward to joining a study group that will increase my consistence in reading and join me on some projects I'll be working on


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Hi everyone!
I'm Anna i'm from Indonesia. I study architecture and rn i'm trying to finish my undergrad thesis. Need a friend to keep me company so that i can focus finishing it :D Nice to meet you guys!


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Hi, I'm a uni student who studies Education in Japan. I need to study for an exam coming in June! I would like to study with somebody and be more productive! Nice to meet you:)


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Hey hi everyone!
I am Ashok, I have enrolled in the "Full stack developer course" where I will be learning "front-end" and "back-end" technologies.
so far I have completed: HTML, CSS, and Python.
now I am learning Javascript, and later I will be focusing on other backend technologies and DSA.
I want a study buddy so that we can get motivated and practice, and discuss the topics.
I study 10 - 12 hours a day, starting from 9 am to 10 pm (Indian timezone).

let me know if anyone is interested.
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Hi Everyone! I just joint in search of a study buddy. I am studying networking, CompTIA Network+, working in first line support for an ISP and would like to progress further.
I have spare 2-3 hours per day for studies and finding it hard sometimes to keep going. Hoping to find people who are in the same boat. Please feel free to get in touch if also pushing yourself to achieve better in networking.


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Hi everyone! I'm Viola and I'm from Italy. I am currently a communication major in my first year and I'm studying for my exams. I am looking for a study buddy that is possibily a university student as well!


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Hey!!! Guys, I am Sudha from India and I'm gonna be graduate this year I want to join the civil services and for that first, I have to clear all exams and personally, I feel that group studies help me I can't perform better when I study alone So I am here finding a Study buddy to help me


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a study buddy or just someone to help me accountable with my work (of course, I'll do my best to help motivate you too).

I'm working on my thesis right now so it's a lot of work which I need to do. Hopefully I meet someone who is happy to commit to a large schedule!


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Hello , I am Sudheer and working as Software Engineer Sr Manager in an IT Organization in Hyderabad, India. Currently looking for a study partner to achieve my Salesforce System Administrator certification in 100 days from now. I am a working employee and also have to focus on getting certified.

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Hi. I'm looking for people to study with for the GRE, PMP and AWS exams. I'm really reliable and love to study. I'm also willing to study with others that are studying for different things. I really just need a study environment. I'm available to study right now and in the future.


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Hello. I’m Richeal. I’m planning to earn a degree in computer science. I just joined and I would like a study partner who is into programming especially python since that’s what I’m studying now. Pleasure to meet y’all. Thanks


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Hi, I'm husna, currently in my twenties. So i need a study buddy who can keep me accountable and do the goals which i have been lazy to do ,we can both motivate each other and complete the task. I'm currently doing my bachelors in statistics , so it would be preferable if someone from the domain of maths/statistics.. Let's break the procarstination and achieve our goals.


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I am 23 year old doctor working as medical officer currently, being active on field give me less time to study than usual and I tend to procrastinate a lot , I need a study partner to remind me of my end goal on daily basis. I’m actually an introvert but I’m always up for good academic session. I’m new here and I hope to find a study buddy who’s preparing for PG entrance exam in India.


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Hi there, my name is Haider and I am 25 years old. I have always been interested in programming and have recently decided to dive into the world of Python. As I am just getting started, I believe it would be helpful to have someone to study with. I am reaching out to see if anyone would like to join me in learning Python together. I think that studying in a group would be beneficial, as we can help each other out when we come across difficult concepts. If you are interested in studying together, please let me know and we can work out a schedule that suits both of us.

Discord: Haider#8962

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Hello , I am preparing for upsc 2024 . My optional is geography if anyone interested can message me on telegram @riyayadav74763

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Hello everyone
It's pbk this side ... I am 2nd year mbbs student aiming to write usmle step one in 2025 so I need a serious study partner who has similar goals and nothing else

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Hii, I'm an undergrad student specializing in genetics. I'm very interested in neurogenetics, psychology research, artificial intelligence , machine learning and neural network. I wanna focus on machine learning now. Anyone up for a study partner ?


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Hi, I'm studying architecture and currently I'm preparing for a Building physics exam (heat transfer, acoustics and lightning). I need a study partner to discuss the exercises, clarify the concepts etc. It's a difficult and important topic for me, so I want to make it as fun and engaging as possible.

Even if you study different subject, we can connect to tell each other about what we learned - I find it really helpful trying to explain new concepts to others.

Please contact me if you are interested!


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Hii , I am jasika student of BSC nursing. I am interested in human anatomy and physiology; psychology and biology. I believe that everyone have a potential or capability to do that ..so that's why I want to help others and learn a new experiences with you.. I hope all help me for this mission.
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