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New from edX: MBA Core Curriculum

Posted in 'Course Spotlights' started by MoocLab, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. MoocLab

    MoocLab Official Account Group Manager

    EdX recently launched its newest MicroMasters program in MBA Core Curriculum in partnership with The University of Maryland, College Park.

    Designed for professionals in any discipline, the 7-course program covers the different functional areas of a firm, how each area defines success, and how the functions work together to create success in the marketplace. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to grow their professional and social networks through facilitated discussions and interactions with colleagues in real time by forming small study groups, holding virtual coffee hours, and discussing current articles and trends in business.

    What You'll Learn:
    • Devise the right marketing strategy for your idea or firm
    • Use the vast information available in the world today to gain insight, create a competitive edge, and avoid being tomorrow’s data breach headline
    • Evaluate corporate investment opportunities to drive shareholder value
    • Use the language of business to communicate financial information to investors, shareholders, creditors, and regulators
    • Interact with those in the “C” suite, speaking their language and making your case for your ideas
    • Lead a team of people and use your influence to achieve strategic goals
    • Create the right strategy for your firm to gain a competitive advantage over others in your market space, domestically and globally
    To gain the MicroMasters credential, learners will be required to complete and successfully earn a Verified Certificate in each of the seven courses. Successful graduates will be eligible to apply for admission to the Online MBA program at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Once accepted, the MicroMasters credential will count towards 25 percent (14 credits) of the coursework required for graduation from the Smith program.

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