Study Buddy Muted Study Buddy (Tagalog or English)


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I'm 19 years old and a Filipino freshman college student. I speak Tagalog and English. I'm looking for a student buddy who can work with me in achieving academic goals. We can just be both muted. If you struggle with Chemistry 1B (General Chemistry), I'm in the same boat as you, maybe we can help each other?


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For sure! I'm 17 and only speak English, but I'm working for my 4-year degree right now, majoring in biology but with a lot of chemistry. I usually work best when I can just know somebody else is studying with me, and we can possibly help eachother a little, but best is just have somebody there. I'm totally down! Do you wanna connect on Discord or something?


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hey! yea i’m taking general chemistry I right now as well and it kinda sucks not going to lie but i would love to have a study buddy to make things easier!

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