Study Buddy Looking for someone to study with regularly

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Hello. I am a 17-year-old male high school student from Slovakia (GMT+2).

My passions are physics, philosophy, psychology and art. I am currently focusing on physics, getting ready for the olympiad next year. I also need to study other subjects that I don't enjoy as much for school.

What I'm looking for is a study buddy to accompany me on a regular long-term basis, someone with a passion for learning and improving themselves. We would exchange encouragement and knowledge. I'd love to chat outside of study hours and become friends!^^. I am willing to use a camera.

Also, being LGBT-friendly is a requirement.

If you're interested, message me. Thank you <3

Rupesh Mandal

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Ohh glad to learn about you, As your passion is Physics Majorly. I would love to share our knowledge together. Will make things easier to understand together.