1. praveen__

    Study Buddy Looking for an online tutor? Here's an opportunity for you

    Hello, Future Engineers and Doctors! Are you currently navigating the challenging journey of preparing for JEE and NEET exams? Are complex math problems and intricate physics concepts giving you sleepless nights? Fret not, for I am here to guide you through the maze of JEE and NEET...
  2. A

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy who is willing to study with me (2nd year engineering student) on a regular basis

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a second-year student in an engineering college in India and I want someone who's up to study for around 3-4 hours every day. The timings are flexible and totally up for discussion, but id like to be able to have these sessions regularly hehe. I need the motivation to...
  3. brunda1

    Looking for study buddy to study AP physics

    Studying basic physics concepts
  4. K

    Study Buddy Hey

    I’m looking for someone who studies physics chemistry or maths, and if you’re doing a levels even better! I’m year 13
  5. D

    Study Buddy looking for a strict study buddy gmt +5:30 NEET ug 2022

    heyy yall im from india gmt +5:30 . 18 yrs old , girl , and im preparing for NEET- UG 2022 i have been procastinating a lot lately and id like a study partner who would be interested in tracking each others progress and yk helps in staying motivated you can be preparing for anthing or be in...
  6. Appleish

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy and a friend (anyone is welcomed! Please read the description)

    Hii! I am currently studying for a big exam I'll be having in three months time (SPM) with subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and additional mathematics. Preferably, I'd love to be a study buddy with someone who has the same passion and interest as I do -- which is psychology or is...
  7. Rimae

    Study Buddy Physics major

    Hello everyone! I am Rimae, 19 years old. I’m a physics major level 2. I need a studying buddy so we can motivate each other.
  8. Q

    Study Buddy Single session study buddy

    Iam in 12th- a NEET aspirant but that's not my point to approach here ! I would like a study buddy cum buddy who would simply talk to me about NEET and subjects . I am quite good in chem and phy I could solve your doubts in that. Anyways I am a boy so anyone who's looking for a female...

    Study Buddy Looking for someone to study with regularly

    Hello. I am a 17-year-old male high school student from Slovakia (GMT+2). My passions are physics, philosophy, psychology and art. I am currently focusing on physics, getting ready for the olympiad next year. I also need to study other subjects that I don't enjoy as much for school. What I'm...
  10. nastya966

    Study Buddy searching for study buddy

    heyy im searching for study friends , especially math friends ♡ i would prefer calling but i‘m also fine with texting :) languages : english, german i need help with : math, physics (+ french) my snap is x.malinax7282 and my telegram is orochimaruowoooo i‘m f/16
  11. Bugzy(aka Haley)

    Study Buddy 10th grader looking for a study buddy for math and physics

    I am working on math atm but can quickly jump over to physics if needed, but I just rly need help with my complex numbers and if we can figure stuff out together that would be cool
  12. G

    Study Buddy Undergrad Level Physics Study Buddy

    I am self-studying undergrad level Physics courses like Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics (up to Lagrangians & Hamiltonian formalisms) and want to learn many other courses also. It would be great to have someone around for motivation and to avoid procrastination. If you want to study...
  13. N

    Looking for people interested in building a community of autodidacts.

    Hello. If anyone is interested in building a better MOOClabs then do respond. We mainly want to focus on the group learning aspect and get rid of the aggregation side.
  14. edX

    edX AP® Physics 1: Challenging Concepts

    Overview This course covers 8 different challenging topics in AP® Physics 1. Well-respected AP instructors from around the USA will lead you through video, assessment questions, and interactive activities. Each module breaks these tricky topics into bite-sized pieces - with short instructional...
  15. edX

    edX AP® Physics 2: Challenging Concepts

    Overview This course covers 9 challenging topics in AP® Physics 2. Well-respected AP instructors from around the USA will lead you through video, assessment questions, and interactive activities. Each module breaks these tricky topics into bite-sized pieces—with short instructional videos...
  16. edX

    edX On-Ramp to AP* Physics C: Mechanics

    Overview This short course is intended for the high-school students who have taken an introductory-level physics course, acquired some background in Mechanics and intend to take a more advanced course – for instance, AP Physics C. The course helps the students refresh and strengthen their...
  17. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn The Science of Nuclear Energy

    Overview Understand the science of nuclear power and the arguments for and against it With the need to reduce carbon emissions around the world, the way we generate our power has to change and nuclear energy is back on the political agenda. But do you know your fission from your fusion? Would...
  18. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Teaching Practical Science: Physics

    Overview Help students understand physics through practicals Physics can be a challenging topic for students, it is essential that they practice and embed their understanding of practical skills in preparation for assessment of their learning. This course, specially designed for teachers, will...
  19. Coursera

    Coursera Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations

    Overview In this course you will learn a whole lot of modern physics (classical and quantum) from basic computer programs that you will download, generalize, or write from scratch, discuss, and then hand in. Join in if you are curious (but not necessarily knowledgeable) about algorithms, and...
  20. Coursera

    Coursera Mechanics: Motion, Forces, Energy and Gravity, from Particles to Planets

    Overview Most of the phenomena in the world around you are, at the fundamental level, based on physics, and much of physics is based on mechanics. Mechanics begins by quantifying motion, and then explaining it in terms of forces, energy and momentum. This allows us to analyse the operation of...