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Looking for best MOOCs on mathematics & statistics for data science

Posted in 'Q&A' started by Robert Wilks, May 3, 2018.

  1. Robert Wilks

    Robert Wilks New Member

    I'm looking for recommendations of MOOCs covering mathematics and statistics required for data science. Thanks
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  2. Arthur

    Arthur Guest

  3. coriander

    coriander New Member Study Buddy

    Upper Midwest, USA
    I'm studying:
    Data Analysis & Statistics
    I am in the Purdue EdX probability MOOC right now Course | 416.1x | edX ; it is excellent. I am racing to finish the two parts before it ends June 29.

    The videos though can be excruciating to watch; even at 2X speed there are extended pauses. But the text (found online) is very good, as are the quizzes and practice problems. Also, the MIT OCW probability course Unit I: Probability Models And Discrete Random Variables | Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare (not exactly a MOOC per se) is very good; I am using that also. It uses the text by Bertsekas. The two courses are very complementary.

    [NOTE: The coursera links look like they don't go where I expected them to go]

    The Johns Hopkins Biostastics courses with Brian Caffo (Coursera | Online Courses From Top Universities. Join for Free for example) are very good for stats. I took one a while ago, but it was different and less organized at that time. The one I linked to is on my list.

    He just put out an ebook (as in today), and I bought it. I don't usually (as in EVER) buy ebooks, but I thought his would be worth it.

    Right now (like in the next week) there is what looks like a good Coursera course on inference [inferential statistics from University of Amsterdam] (Inferential Statistics | Coursera.). I signed up and will try to follow it along with the probability, but that may be a lot.

    Also, I am REALLY liking two old school probability books from the 1970's. One by Alvin Drake is recommended by MIT, and the other by Hoel, Port and Stone is also good; great exercises, great explanations. PDF's are readily available via google.

    I am interested in finding a study buddy for this material also, for structured check-in and follow up. Write me if that interests you: john.kilboATgmail.com
  4. mathur

    mathur New Member


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