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JosepRamon Badia

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I like Iversity! Really, I've taken part in 3 ourses in the german platform; Storytelling, Gamification and Serious Games Design. I think it's a very well-designed enivroment for learning, creates a good community dinamics, has a very engageing affiliate program, and above a good Courses Portfolio!
Maybe the weal pint are the level of some of these courses (not about the academic level, but the methodology used by some Universitys or Centers (or teachers) it's not a good way to keep us engaged and interested (unfortunately, I participated in one whose dynamic were videos and videos of boring and tedious powerpoints and discourses.....); another "bad" point is the absence of a diversity translation into several languajes: only the original one (commonly german) or reduces, in my modest opinion, the potential of this offer.
But i defend it bravely because it apparents enthusiasm and a long way to go: this is a qualitative and quantitative improvement, so Iversity is a very recommendable option. While they can go closing agreements and its supply increases exponentially we will have a high level platform! And European!