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Studying in partnership with a Study buddy is a great way to share out the workload, save time, gain new perspectives and stay motivated. Much research has demonstrated that those who learn together in small groups tend to have a better success rate than those who study alone. And this is particularly true in the case of online learning. Mostly, best practices for studying effectively with someone else are the same whether you're meeting in person or online.

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of working alongside a Study Buddy:
  • Choose the right person - it's important that you select a study partner you'll work well with. Not everyone learns in the same way, so make sure you are both happy with the learning methods you use. Discuss what works best for you and agree on a format that suits both your learning styles.
  • Keep study groups small - You may wish to study with more than one person. This can be very effective so long as you don't have too many people (no more than 5 people). While a larger group might reduce the workload, it can very easily lead to gossiping and procrastination.
  • Set a study schedule - It's important to set time aside to interact with your Study Buddy in real time. Agree on set times and how to “meet” and communicate – it is best to have regular scheduled meetings that you can both stick to. Creating a shared study schedule that you can both access and edit is the best way of managing this. Discuss and factor in any potential dates or times when you may not be available.
  • Agree on how you will meet and communicate - Decide which method of communication works best for both of you and what channels you will use. Some people prefer to communicate via forums or live chat, others by video/conference call, or you may wish to use several methods depending on the focus of the meeting.
  • Share out the workload - Establish where each of your strengths are and allocate tasks for each other based on those strengths. For example, if you plan to work on an assignment together, decide beforehand what and how each person is going to contribute.
  • Share resources - Keep a note of any useful resources you come across that may be useful and share them with each other.
  • Talk to each other - Make sure you really interact and talk through topics and/or assignments together. There's no point "meeting up", if you'll both be reading in silence. Your impressions and opinions about the material might be different to those of your Study Buddy and you may gain a new perspective on a subject that you hadn’t considered.
  • Come prepared - Make sure you have completed any tasks you agreed to do the last time you "met". Make a note beforehand of any questions or areas you wish to discuss.
  • Make clear study notes - Sharing your study notes is a great way to deepen your learning. Make sure your own study notes are set out clearly and are legible so your Study Buddy can read and understand them.
  • Teach each other - Revising through teaching is a very effective way to make sure you have grasped the concepts yourself. Take it in turns to "teach" each other a unit or topic. Avoid just reading out your notes - try explaining in your own words.
  • Evaluate each other - Set each other regular tests or quizzes based on a particular topic. This is a great way for you to consolidate your own learning and to help your Study Buddy with theirs.
  • Agree on deadlines - If you are going to enrol on a course together, it is worth taking the time to go over the course curriculum and schedule beforehand and ensure that you can both stick to the deadlines. You may also wish to set your own deadlines and add these to your shared study schedule. Working to a common deadline will help you both keep focused and on target.
How can MoocLab help me achieve this?

Study Buddy Search Tool

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Private Messaging Tool
Once you have found the right person (or people), MoocLab's Private Messaging Tool provides a great virtual space for you to meet, interact and share resources with your Study Buddy. Through this tool, you and your study buddy can communicate by text or by live video chat, upload and share links, documents, videos and more to help you with your learning. Find out more here
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hi , I m RITIKA , from Delhi ,India , I m preparing for CAT22 , hit me up if u feel we could help each other with subjects and put an end to procrastinating , i study hrs are around 3-7 pm , and id prefer a female buddy , see ya

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