study buddy

  1. C

    CS Majors

    Computer Science Majors Coding Assistance
  2. S

    Steps towards an IT job

    You have to daily share your progress towards your dream through a link or in chat.
  3. Raveena

    Upsc 2027

    I want 1 serious female aspirant who will be preparing for upsc from the start and scrap . I'm preparing for 2027 exam . I haven't started yet and the next 2 months will be my semester exam days . So after 2 months ,I'll be getting into a consistent preparation. I hope I can find someone with...
  4. N

    Study Buddy Need a study Buddy so we can teach each other (feynman Technique)

    hi guys i m a working pharmacist i m preparing for kaps and naplex exams to upskill myself i m pretty confident in my grasp for pharmacology was looking for a study buddy so that we can teach other and maybe learn from each other
  5. S

    Study Buddy Need female study buddy

    I keep procrastinating but if there is someone i feel obligated to be present ,do the work we can share new study techniques , routines…. Learn from each other and boring make studying more fun i can study for nearly 6 hours from afternoon to night timezone : GMT+3
  6. cutiepie050407

    Study Buddy Anyone?

    I'm looking for a study buddy who is lazy without motivation like me
  7. justCallmeLing

    Study Buddy Sydney, Ms of IT, f, 60/10 pomodoro

    Seeking Study Buddy in Data Analysis! Passionate about data analysis? Join me for an exciting journey of collaborative learning. With a diverse background in accounting and IT, I focus on data analysis now, I offer flexibility in study schedules, productive Pomodoro Technique sessions, and a...
  8. S

    Study Buddy Study buddy for upsc 2025

    Hii i am samyak jain. I have done my undergraduation in business administration. Currently this will be my 2nd attempt in upsc cse. I m looking for a partner who is disciplined towards the end goal. My optional subject is public administration. If anyone here who would like to know more or...
  9. W

    Study Buddy Searching for a Study buddy

    Hi guys! I am a high school student searching for a study partner. You can study in any area or for any exam. We can work together for the rest of February, or if you prefer, we can work together before May. Subject/exam: TOEFL, Physics Bowl, AP exams (Calculus BC, Physics 1, Physics C...
  10. R

    Study Buddy Google Meet Study Buddy

    Looking for someone to study with on Google Meet.
  11. biancoolest

    Study Buddy Veterinary student study buddy !

    Hello! I am on the lookout for a study buddy that is also a veterinary student. It is important for me to share the same subject in order to share our views on the courses. The preffered gender is female and I would like it is the shared language would be romanian or english. Thank you and have...
  12. P

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy, who I can encourage to study better

    Hi, I'm a first year student. I have no idea what's wrong with me because I used to study in way more productive ways but these days I'm kinda surviving. So I'm pretty sure that if I have someone to study with I'll do just like I used to. If anybody interested pls dm me on Instagram...
  13. M

    Study Buddy Upsc study partner

    Hello, I am from Hyderabad, Telangana. I am comfortable with Telugu and English. I started preparing for upsc recently. I am btech graduate and left my job and started preparing. I am taking online coaching for gs & optional and my optional subject is anthropology. I need someone who has a plan...
  14. H

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy

    Im hayam this year im having my finals and i need desplin and serious study buddy ( male/female) and at least we study for an 1h per day where we can support each other and study together
  15. Grey Matter

    Study Buddy study buddy required

    Hi, second year medical student. I'm in need of a study buddy who can keep checking on me, hold me accountable and discuss on topics.
  16. Jassie990

    Study Buddy Anybody serious about study together for 2-3 hours?

    Hey, i need someone to study with me in the evening starting 6 pm (India), please feel free to let me know
  17. P

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy

    Hello everyone My name is Pravin Jadhav and i'm preparing for IIT JEE 2024 and BITSAT 2024 and I have just 1 and half months remaining syllabus my major problem is i'm not able to study at night and consistency ... My strongest subject is physics and weakest is maths ( abviously ) soo no...
  18. D

    Study Buddy Looking for a female study buddy

    If you prefer to study with one person then I'm the one for you! I would like to advance in something I'm learning but I am struggling with my concentration, if you like to study for long then I can be good company. If you want to schedule that then please feel free to message me directly
  19. mercuriam20

    Study Buddy I'm looking for new friends to study online together

    Hi guys, I'm Ted from Pathum Thani, Thailand. I'm preparing myself to study at a fine arts university in Thailand. I'm also learning English, Spanish, French, German on my own. Living here, it's so hard to make a new friends in my 20s. So I wanted to find like-minded friends around the world so...
  20. E

    Study Buddy Looking for a female study buddy

    Hello! I am looking for a female study bunny. I prefer to study together at weekends, because I live in a dormitory at weekdays. I am at UTC +2 timezone, so be around my timezone. If you interested write me a message