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  1. C

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy to learn english to pass ilets exam.

    Hello there, I'm 20 years old, second year in computer science in Tunisia; looking for study buddy to learn English to pass ilets exam, need someone to talk with having a fun conversation with open minded, can talk mediumly in English that we can communicate and share things, we can be friends...
  2. K

    Study Buddy Study buddy meet daily to avoid procrastinating

    Hello! I live in the Orlando Florida area and I’m looking for a study buddy. If you are taking chemistry or trigonometry even better! We can help each other on that if not that’s okay we can still help each other and support each other mentally and help get the work done! I usually study after...
  3. L

    Study Buddy Study Buddy Survey

    Hello everyone, I am Rey a 2nd-year student and I am inviting you guys to take our survey for our academic research, the survey is about the perception of students towards having a study buddy. The survey will only take you approximately 2-5 minutes to complete. ➡Link: Study Buddy Survey ❕If...
  4. Z

    Zoom Question paper answering

    Meeting I'd:920 195 2964 Passcode:2006 Time:16:05-1705
  5. C

    CLAT 2022 PREP ( only girls)

    Hey so, to all the females preparing for clat 2022 , I really hope to connect with you guys we can keep track of each others progress, share resources, and ensure we reach our goals few important guidelines : No inappropriate spamming or any kind of negative stuff keep it professional
  6. shahad2003

    Study Buddy Searching for female study buddy

    I'm studying for: foundation year * pre-med school * Level of Knowledge: Some knowledge Preferred language: English - Arabic Timezone: UTC +3 About me: I am from Saudia arabia my name: Shoda I am searching for a female study partner who can study with me 10 - 8 hours daily for this semester...
  7. I

    Introvert's Study Group

    Please turn the camera on! This is for the safety of all members. Once an admin has approved, you may turn the camera off or turn it towards your desk, wall, book, etc. Please mute your audio. Be kind and respectful to all members! If you'd like to ask a question, chat, etc., please use the...
  8. Y

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy

    HEYA, I'm looking for a study buddy. Right now I'm in my 2nd year pursuing Bachelor Of Business Adminstration (BBA) from Ghaziabad, India. I won't mind whether you're senior or junior or from any other course, just hit me up :) see ya soon Thank You
  9. Pakhi


    I am a senior highschool student. my subjects are biology, physics, chemistry, english, physical education. I really want a study buddy.
  10. Elishachan110

    Study Buddy (Chemistry) study buddy

    I am looking for a study buddy to complete this semester together! My time zone is GMT 8 +. I am studying physical chemistry so if anyone is studying the same course please dm.
  11. R

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy :)

    Hi Guys! I'm a law trainee from Germany and I`m currently studying for my bar exam in November. What would really help me is a daily ZOOM study session, where we just quietly study and have the feeling of bein in a library. I think about 4 hours in the morning from Monday-Friday would be...
  12. DannyGuy

    Study Buddy Need a girl interested to study together, currently preparing for placement exams like Tcs and Infosys. Let's discuss and learn.

    Need a girl(majorly) who is interested in studying together. Based on the topics like Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal, C programming for placement and competitive exams. Mainly for this exam TCS Recruitment: Registrations Open for Campus Hiring
  13. Ebrahim92

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy for today? :)

    looking for a study buddy for today, contact me if you are interested :)
  14. V

    Study Buddy finding a study buddy in any subject

    Hii. I'm looking for a study buddy and no matter what you will study during our meeting (mute but cam on). We can study for about 40' then have a little break about 10'. My available time is 8:30'-10:30' (GMT+3). Go join with me. Welcome all of you!!
  15. T

    Study Buddy Looking for co-study buddy, doesn't matter the subject

    I am studying for the life/health insurance agent exam (as well as a Catalan language exam), and I'm looking for someone to co-study with me on discord. It doesn't matter to me what subjects you study as long as we study together so we have that accountability. Hmu if you're interested.
  16. R

    Study Buddy Computer Science-Study Buddy

    Hello everyone, I just finished my first year of Computer Science at UMass Amherst. Here's some information about me. Looking for someone with relatively similar goals/interests so we can share ideas and help each other grow. Area of Specialization: Computer Science. Currently trying to get a...
  17. ramune

    Study Buddy are you in highschool and looking for a study buddy? you've come to the right place :]

    hi there~ i'm alex (she/her; UTC +10) and i'm just another highschooler looking for a study buddy. i hope to find someone who is supportive and motivating and of course, i will do my best to support you in your studies! some of my subjects include biology, chemistry and psychology but i really...
  18. 404wqerhl

    Study Buddy looking for study buddy for motivation

    looking for study buddy for motivation! im on asain’s time zone we can text on insta.
  19. pauxpen

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy where we can push each other to finish our work!

    Hi there! I'm Pau, and I'm a 4th year Nursing Student :D. It's currently our summer vacation, but I still have a lot on my plate to finish; like my thesis, my passion projects and generally organizing my life together. I do 50 minute pomodoro technique (where we study independently) with a 10...