study buddy

  1. xavi

    Study Buddy Hi

    Hi im currently studying for an exam. I'm looking for a study buddy that can accompany me w my studies. We can do short breaks so we can take about ourselves. If you're interested hmu! Thank you.
  2. Grey Matter

    Study Buddy Study Buddy

    Hello! I'm 19, first year med student. In need of a study buddy asap. I've got holidays for 5 more days so before college begins I want to get acquainted with forthcoming chapters pretty well. But because I've spent past few days of my holidays doing absolutely nothing it's getting harder for...
  3. Jassie990

    Study Buddy Need a study partner

    Urgently need a study buddy who can study for 2-3 hours or more. Please
  4. F

    Looking for a study partner for Med school finals

    I’m looking for a study partner to study for my med school final exams. Let’s be accountable and share our progress through discord or gmeet!
  5. Mestune

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy

    Hey, I'm looking for a study buddy so that we can keep each other accountable and actually be productive! I'm a design student doing his bachelor's degree and I'm working on my thesis right now. I'd prefer to study with someone in a similar situation so that we can give feedback etc. But...
  6. K

    Study Buddy Searching for a serious study partner for Neet 2024 & INI Nov. 2023.

    Hi, Myself Kailas, 2017-Batch, post-intern, preparing for Neet 2024 & INI Nov. 2023. I am using Cerebellum primarily & other downloaded material. I am searching for study partners who desire to prepare thoroughly based on clearing concepts along with regular discussions & daily MCQ solving &...
  7. M

    Study Buddy Java learning partner

    Hello, I am learning programming on my own. Learning totally alone can be little difficult at times so I am interested in trying to learn with a partner. Right now I am learning Java and some required mathematics. If you are seriously interested in learning to program and start a collaboration...
  8. A

    Study Buddy Looking for indian Study buddy

    Hey, I am looking for an indian study buddy. We can concentrate on our studies and help each other study well. Message me or reply here.
  9. A

    Study Buddy Looking for indian High school study buddy.

    We could concentrate on our goals.
  10. K

    Study Buddy Need a Buddy to Study for placement

    Hi I am Kamalesh, I am Computer science domain student. Don't have enough time for my placement preparation and bit curious on technologies. I had a plan and I know what to do for placing in top companies but I don't know some where I failing. So I need a buddy to study with me where we can be...
  11. Xendra

    Study Buddy Looking for a person to practice graphic design and to study with

    Yes people look for study buddy. Since I have lack of consistency being committed with a person to practice graphic design regularly would help both and will rise together. I'm not pro but learning graphic designing. I took a course on it but i didn't practice it for months. I thought to take it...
  12. A

    Study Buddy Looking for a Indian High School Study Buddy and a friend

    Hey, I need a study buddy to concentrate on studies and also a friend to have fun during breaks and talk when felling bored. We can help each other with doubts and have fun as well. Message me if you are interested.
  13. A

    Study Buddy Need a Indian High School Study Partner

    Heya, This is Aswath. I am looking for a study partner who is in High School and located in India. When we are study partners, we could concentrate more on studies and help each other with doubts. Message me if you are interested :))
  14. D

    Study Buddy Study partner

    Hey! Im looking for a study partner who i can study with for long hours and discuss our daily progress nd motivate each other..i prefer texting only ..time zone is UCT +5 ..i usually study at night from 10 pm to 2 am (if i dont fall asleep midway lel)..u can text me on discord too one#9309 ...
  15. H

    Study Buddy looking for study buddies (girls) :)

    preferably asian (time zones) and around my age (im 19) i hope to study for at least 6 hours a day we can do video meetings with cameras off (lol) instagram- 1ya_ya10 contact me and we'll figure something out? thank you!
  16. K

    Study Buddy Looking for a daily study buddy

    Hi, I’m 25 and I study Psychology online. I am looking for a daily study buddy, the session can range from 1h up to 5h preferably 5-6 days a week. I’m in need of some accountability as online studies require a lot of self discipline that I’m obviously lacking I speak English, German and...
  17. rosemd

    Study Buddy I am looking for a study buddy and a friend ! :)

    Hi there! I hope you are having an amazing day. I am Gül. Also, my nicknames are Rose and Daria. You can call me as you wish :). I am a 4th-year medicine student in Turkey. I live alone and I can focus on my studying better while studying with someone. That is why I would like to have a study...
  18. P

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy/accountability partner to keep each other on track

    Hey. I am looking for a study buddy to keep each other on track cuz I struggle with procrastination a lot. It would be cool if we can also work on our non-academic developments like habits too. I would prefer someone who is a bit strict. My preferred language of communication is English. I have...
  19. S

    Study Buddy Looking for neet ug study buddy

    I am in class 12th looking for neet ug and 12th boards study buddy , u can dm me if interested on discord "sonali_321 #2563"