study buddy

  1. S

    Study Buddy Looking for neet ug study buddy

    I am in class 12th looking for neet ug and 12th boards study buddy , u can dm me if interested on discord "sonali_321 #2563"
  2. sir9119

    Study Buddy looking for a LSAT study buddy as a beginner

    I am looing for a study buddy of LSAT, law school admission test. I am a beginner now. I am planning for 2023 admission, and I expect study together for a couple of months. I live in Riverview, Tampa Florida, married, over 40s, male, former US Army. lmk if you’re interested
  3. I

    Study Buddy Study Friend for Nuclear/Astrophysics or Chemistry (Preferably high school, English)

    :) Hi Im looking for a study friend who is interested in nuclear topics or chemistry.
  4. meilani

    Study Buddy in need of a study buddy who uses discord

    hi there! I'm currently studying for a foundation degree (taking both accounting and digital design units) so I can continue on to a diploma degree after I'm done and I'm currently looking for a chill study buddy who's down to video call and study together (of course I'm also down to make...
  5. Pragya Pandey

    Study Buddy Looking for accountability partners

    Hey everyone. I’m Pragya from India and currently searching for a study/accountability partner who’s serious and willing to work hard with me. I love meeting new people and am an ardent learner so this should be fun! I’m looking to build a career in AI/ML and Data Science domain.
  6. U

    Study Buddy Python from Scratch

    Hello, I would love to connect with a study buddy to start learning Python (maybe SQL also) for data analytics. Please let me know if you are interested. Excited to start :)
  7. Xendra

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy to study with

    Heyyo This is xendra. I'm 19 yo and I'm in 12th grade, my major is science. Hope major won't be a problem because all i need to study with someone and to be committed with. I procrastinate a lot that's why looking for someone to study with. We will motivate each other when any of us is feeling...
  8. N

    Study Buddy Study buddy

    Do u wanna be a study buddy with me? We can motivate each other and study together every day? I am studying dentistry. Also, we can teach each other languages and become friends :)
  9. H

    Study Buddy need a study buddy for IGCSE ICT

    I (female, year 11) have a really bad procrastination problem and need to find the motivation to sit down and study for IGCSE ICT (Cambridge) which I plan to do in the November session. I can be somewhat flexible with timings and I’d prefer only an audio call at most.
  10. A

    Study Buddy Need study buddy

    I am look for study buddy..we motive together..make routines..make to do productive always..we study together..
  11. E

    Study Buddy 5th year med student looking for a study buddy

    Hi guys Im a 5th year med student. I need to find motivation to study. im still waiting for my motivation fairy. im revising previous years' content in addition to my current classes. I have so much to do but I'm a big procrastinator I used to have a study buddy and we used to zoom call and...
  12. S

    Study Buddy Study Buddy

    Hi, I’m a second year law student. I’m looking for a responsible student, who has the intention to study and achieve his/her goals. I’m a well organized student, not a procrastinator, but I am here because my exams are within a month, and I am studying for long hours during day and night...
  13. soybean_t3a

    Study Buddy Hey hey hey looking for a study buddy from sg ;)

    (CURRENTLY TAKING REQUESTS) Hey lovlies I'm looking for a study buddy (preferably female) that is arnd my age (14) and studies in Singapore. I don't necessarily need a serious study buddy tbh I'm a very easy going and chill and we can talk in our free time idk I think it'll be cool to make some...
  14. M

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy

    Hi, I am Mirna and I am a senior in IB, so my finals are coming up soon. I am in GMT +2 time zone. I will mainly focus on biology and chemistry but also math. So if you want to study with me feel free to say so :)
  15. Guoda

    Study Buddy Let's be study buddies

    Hey there, I've been doing pretty well with my studies, but having a friend to study with would be way more fun :) I'm studying music production, so I'm not really looking for anybody in the same field hahah. Rather I'm looking for similar time schedules. I'd prefer to have a call on discord...
  16. M

    Study Buddy Study buddy- 5 hours at least every day till June (hardworking, strict, motivated)

    1) No video calling/zoom, just text messages/dms of an app we choose 2) We could use fiveable to track our studying. 3) We will share daily timetable 4) This is very important but we need to try to study 5 hours every single day (unless of course due to any circumstances) 5) We will check on...
  17. J

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy who's studying beginner level python

    Hello! I'm 17(Female) and I've started learning python this January. I'm finding it hard to learn it by myself and I've already taken a 2-week break because I can't commit to learning. I mostly just want a study buddy to feel some sort of accountability, since I notice that I only do something...
  18. G

    Study Buddy small study group

    hey im neet ug aspirant 2023 i want to make a smalll study group of some people so let me know who would like to join on insta @raampyaara
  19. Barorhee

    Study Buddy Psychology Study Partner

    Let's study within a 30-minute time block. Then discuss the accomplished task after the timer.
  20. suzyduhh

    Study Buddy Study buddy ?

    Hi everyone! I am looking for someone who I can study with. I don't mind being on a call or FT. I would really just like the companionship and being able to have someone to keep me accountable. I am looking to become a medical lab technician but at the moment am taking core classes. -Thank you...