study group

  1. W

    Work and Chill

    Couldn't seem to find any groups that i enjoyed and fitted what i needed. This group will be for people who just want to chill out, do their work in peace, maybe with a bit of music on, and just chatting :)
  2. S

    Speaking Study Group

    lets study yall
  3. L

    Study Buddy Study buddy for writing a thesis

    Hi everyone! I'm currently writing my thesis, but it's hard to stay motivated and getting any work done with this ongoing lockdown. The difficulty in getting access to resources does not help either. I am currently following a Master's Programme in History, and writing a thesis on the...
  4. S

    Study with me!

    Shall we study with me? ミーティングID: 359 020 4001 パスコード: 24TRXp
  5. S

    study friends

    Zoom: ID: 225 472 6228 Access code: g7cKSV
  6. Mr.jatin

    Study Buddy Join my meeting link and study 24/7.
  7. U

    University Kids

    Hi everyone, welcome to the Psychology Majors study space. I hope we can all benefit from each other's knowledge, while guiding and motivating each other. I recommend only University going students to join the group and work together. However, high school students can also feel free to join in...
  8. S

    Study partners

    Join group and help each other out in studies...
  9. A


    Study together on any subject from anywhere with awesome and friendly atomousphere.
  10. zray2020

    Study Buddy Spanish language study buddy

    Looking for a Spanish study buddy. Practice subjects and grammar together... flashcards... etc. Climb up this language skill. If you'd like to also study Korean, I'm up for that as well. But my main focus is Spanish. :) especially medical spanish. Eastern time zone
  11. Oasis's Study group.

    Oasis's Study group.

    This study group is focused on both studying and making more friends. Personally, I have been in many study groups people study together awkwardly with their cams on without talking. So I want to break that norm and actually talk and get to know you! Then obviously we can study together too when...
  12. S

    Shah's Study group.

    Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting. Join the link and talk to me.
  13. V

    Virtual Study Group

    This is just a group to help students in their academic life as well as make new friends but please make sure you follow the following rules and regulations: Please respect each other racist, sexist and homophobic comments will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated...
  14. Z


    Study together
  15. H

    Homework & Study Group

    Join :)
  16. L

    let's study and vibe :)
  17. G

    Grupo de Estudo Portugal

  18. S


    this group for people who likes to study with group and music. if you are not going to study with music don't share the link here. when you share the link write what kind of music are you going to play.
  19. MedicalStudent

    Study Buddy Looking for a study partner (girl) in the medical field

    Helloo !! My name is Sarah. I am a third year (Undergraduated) medical student from Belgium (GMT+1) and I am looking for a girl (I am not at ease with boys) medical student to study with (Study buddy). It doesn't matter which kind of subjects do you study. It doens't matter if you're not a...