How do I enroll on a course on edX?


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Enrolling on an edX course is very quick and straight forward. If you found the course using MoocLab's MOOC Directory, click on the green "Go To Course" button on the right sidebar of the course information page. This will take you directly to the course provider page - click on the Enroll button*.

*If you haven't already done so, you will need to sign up on edX before you can enroll. Once you have signed up, you can click on the Enroll button to start learning.

For most courses, once you have clicked on the Enroll button, you will have two options: "Pursue the Verified Track (+Price)" or "Audit This Course" The audit option is free, but does not include a course certificate. You can purchase a certificate at any time when auditing a course.

Note that professional education courses on edX are paid and do not offer the free audit option.
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