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Derek Newton "What On Earth Is A MOOC-Based Degree Path?" – An Annotated Version

Posted in 'Featured' started by Carolyn, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Carolyn

    Carolyn Founder at MoocLab Staff Member

    Suffolk, UK
    By Carolyn McIntyre, Founder of MoocLab

    What On Earth Is A MOOC-Based Degree Path? - I saw this article by Derek Newton on Forbes.com and couldn't overlook some of the inaccuracies and biases, so I had some fun with it. I hope you will too.

    Click here to read the original article. (You'll find my comments below in red).

    To put it into context, Derek is writing about MoocLab's recently launched MOOC-Based Degree Paths - learning paths using MOOCs to replicate a traditional bachelor's degree.

    Depends on how completion rates are calculated. Results are very different when the participant’s initial intention is considered. A 2014 study by Reich, a Research Fellow at HarvardX, found that of those who initially intended on completing a course, an average 22 percent actually earned a certificate - a far more satisfactory completion rate, I think.
    Uhm. Interesting how one of the author’s own articles is being used to back up this argument, especially when evidence seems to suggest college pricing is on the rise according this report by The College Board.
    Is it? What type of “college”? And for whom? This is a bit of a vague comment
    Sorry to be picky, but It’s MoocLab (not MOOCLabs)!
    That’s why we call it a “degree equivalent learning path”
    So, by contrast, if someone presents you with a university degree certificate, you know exactly what was taught and what the individual learned?
    Based on ...?
    So, courses provided by the likes of Harvard, MIT, Stanford or the University of Pennsylvania to name just a few "have no more academic weight than the McDonald’s dollar menu." Not sure those universities or their students will appreciate that comment much!
    Many do, actually. For reference, see our resources MOOCs for Credit & MOOC-Based University Degree Programs
    Wrong. MIT (among other universities) currently offers three MicroMasters on the EdX MOOC platform. These programs represent “the equivalent of one semester's worth of coursework at MIT”. Learners who successfully earn the MITx MicroMasters credential are eligible to earn credit at a number of universities across the globe to fast track their pursuit of a full Master’s degree.
    Wrong. Today an increasing number of MOOC credentials lead to accredited college credits and even degrees accredited by prestigious universities including the likes of The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Illinois or The University of London to name just a few.
    These “floppy MOOC education products” have been designed, built and delivered by some of the top academics & universities in the world - David J. Malan (Harvard), Eric Grimson (MIT),Robert Sedgewick (Princeton University) Charles Severance (University of Michigan), Andrew Ng (Stanford) just to name a few – the use of the term “floppy” seems grossly inappropriate here.
    MoocLab’s primary mission is to raise awareness of alternative forms of affordable education by providing a wealth of resources to help people achieve their goals, all of which are FREE. But no business can run on thin air! Affiliate partnerships allow us to survive and continue helping the thousands of people looking for guidance in the online learning sphere.
    Odd conclusion when those very same distinguished accredited universities are actively advocating alternative forms of higher education through the use of MOOC-based programs. Some examples of this are highlighted in this publication by MIT, or this interview with the dean of Harvard’s Extension School, or this Stanford publication about Stanford University's extensive efforts in promoting lifelong learning through MOOCs.

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  2. Nina

    Nina Active Member

    The article by Derek Newton is simply outrageous and clearly based on a very biased viewpoint that degrees are the ONLY valid form of education. Get with the real world, Derek, because education IS changing whether you like it or not. A very unfair attack on an initiative that is designed to help and is actually very useful for those who maybe cannot access the same higher ed that you were lucky enough to have.

    GOZAYDIN Guest


    I could not reach you from any where .
    So I hope this message meets you .

    Why you response to Derek Newton .
    He does not have even a AA degree. He writes about education .
    Non sense .

    I wish he sees my university.
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