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Coursera Introduces New Subscription Model: Coursera Plus

Posted in 'Featured' started by Carolyn, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. Carolyn

    Carolyn Founder at MoocLab Staff Member

    Suffolk, UK
    When browsing courses offered on MOOC platform Coursera, you'll notice that some course and Specialization pages are now marked with a badge stating "Included with Coursera Plus".


    Coursera Plus is a new subscription option that lets you pay an annual fee to access the majority of the courses, Specializations and some Professional Certificates on Coursera with no limit to the number of courses you can enroll in or Course Certificates you can earn. Courses granting credit, such as Degree and MasterTrack courses, and some Professional Certificates are not included in Coursera Plus.

    The cost of subscribing to Coursera Plus is currently GBP £387 (or equivalent) billed annually - equivalent to GBP £33 a month for 12 months. To subscribe to a single Specialization, Coursera charges £38 a month for the time it takes to complete the program.

    This isn't the first time Coursera has tried a subscription model. The platform experimented with a similar option in 2017 also giving unlimited access to all their courses for £37 a month. This, however, was discontinued a year later, suggesting it wasn't successful.

    To find out more about Coursera Plus - click here

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