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Subscribing monthly to a Coursera Specialization will reduce my costs

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Coursera announced yesterday that the MOOC platform will be introducing a subscription-based payment model for their Specialization programs which means learners will be required to purchase access to all content in a Specialization on a month-by-month or annual basis, rather than paying a set amount per Specialization.

This new payment model, which will be gradually introduced over the coming months, will cost learners between $39 and $89 per month for access to all content in every course in a Specialization for as long as your subscription is active.

Coursera state that "the subscription model has the potential to reduce costs for many learners" as well as increase the likelihood that subscribed learners will complete the course.

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To find out more, please visit Coursera's Blog Page.

Claude Almansi

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The monthly subscription model might reduce costs for some learners, and significantly increase them for others. My bet is that if Coursera introduces it, they must have calculated on the basis of the stats they keep to themselves that it will majorly boost their revenue - otherwise they would let learners choose either model.
But even if users could choose their model, it might not be easy to do so: in particular, it might be difficult how long it would take to do the capstone project.


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If we're talking about accessing all specialization courses for monthly subscription it might be great deal. Assuming you have free time/ devoted to study for a month/two you can finish one/two specialization depending if you already are in common field of study, and you took some of the courses. Maybe two is overoptimistic, but for sure you can finish one specialization and download, store material of another? :)

I didn't think much about it, but I might give it a go maybe around summer...
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