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About edX courses

Posted in 'Provider Guide - edX' started by MoocLab, May 29, 2019.

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    edX is a nonprofit online education provider founded by Harvard and MIT that partners with top-ranked universities and and industry-leading companies to offer Massive Open Online Courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, as well as microcredential programs and degrees.

    EdX courses include pre-recorded video lectures, readings, student discussion forums, homework/assignments, and online quizzes or exams. You can try out the Demo course designed to help you explore the edX learning experience here.

    Most edX courses can be audited free of charge giving you access to the lecture videos and assessments. You can opt to pay for a course certificate. Some courses on edX are paid only. These are part of the Professional Education range.

    EdX courses are either self-paced or instructor-paced. Pacing refers to how course teams run the course, and whether you need to complete course materials on a set schedule. Instructor-paced courses follow a set schedule with specific due dates for assignments and exams, and you complete the course within a defined time period. In contrast, in self-paced courses, the course materials are available as soon as the course starts and assignments and exams do not have due dates, so you can progress through the course at your own speed.

    Archived courses
    Many edX courses remain available as archived courses after the course ends. In an archived course, you'll still be able to view the course materials, such as lectures and readings. An archived course can no longer be completed for a grade or certificate, and some features, such as the discussion forums and assignments, may not be available.

    Microcredentials on edX
    EdX also offers a number of micro-credentials known as MicroMasters, Xseries, Professional Certificate, and Professional Education.

    MicroMasters programs are series of graduate level courses that you take to earn credentials in a specific career field and earn credit toward an on-campus degree program that recognizes the MicroMasters credential.

    For more information, see the edX MicroMasters page.

    XSeries consist of groups of courses that explore a specific subject in depth. You earn an XSeries certificate by passing each course in the series.

    For more information, see the edX XSeries page.

    Professional Certificate
    Professional Certificate programs are series of courses designed by industry leaders and top universities to build and enhance critical professional skills needed to succeed in today's most in-demand fields

    For more information, see the edX Professional Certificate page.

    See MoocLab's Guide - EdX MicroMasters, XSeries & Professional Certificate Programs

    EdX offers up to a 90% discount on their verified certificates to learners who cannot afford to pay the full price. Assistance is available in most courses that offer verified certificates, however, some courses and programs are not eligible. You can find out more on edX's Help Page.
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