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Win a free 1-year membership to SitePoint Premium
(worth $108)

Join thousands of happy members using SitePoint Premium

Learn HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Design & UX, Mobile & Workflow
SitePoint Premium is an online learning platform developed by SitePoint, an Australia-based company specialising in web development. The platform offers a Premium library of e-books, courses, screencasts and videos on topics in web development or design.

How to enter

Just reply in the comments box at the bottom of the page with the following statement:

I want to learn to code with SitePoint Premium
The lucky winner will be drawn at random from the list of participants. The winner will be announced on Monday 8th February, 2016.

What you win
  • Unlimited access to all (5,350!) video tutorials
  • 70+ ebooks, and new releases every week
  • Unlimited video and ebook downloads
  • Downloadable code samples to make it easy you to follow along
  • Lessons include supporting texts, graphics, coding challenges, and community discussions
  • In-course quizzes
  • Course reviews & ratings
  • Support forums linked to each course
  • E-mail support
  • Integrated with GitHub: learners can follow changes in a course sample code as it evolves
  • Variable video playback speed
  • 4 set learning paths specifically designed to guide you
  • Or the SitePoint team can set up a custom path just for you

Remember, to enter just copy and paste I want to learn to code with SitePoint Premium into the reply box below, then click on "Post Reply"

This competition closes at 9.00pm GMT on 7th February, 2016
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