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This competition is now closed

Win a 30% Discount
Become a Web Developer or UX Designer

With a Mentor - Online in 6 Months
Online Coding Bootcamp, CareerFoundry, are offering one lucky winner an amazing opportunity to become job-ready in just 6 months with a 30% discount on their course price - that's a saving of over €500!

Entering the prize-draw couldn't be easier - just reply in the comments box at the bottom of the page with one of the following statements:

I want to become a Web Developer with CareerFoundry
I want to become a UX Designer with CareerFoundry”
The lucky winner will be drawn at random from the list of participants. The winner will be announced on Friday 8th January, 2016.

CareerFoundry is an online mentored training program, teaching students to become job-ready developers in six months with a choice of two self-paced courses: Web Development and UX Design. The Web Development course provides junior front-end and Ruby on Rails skills, covering HTML, CSS, Javascript. jQuery, Bootstrap, Ruby, and Rails. Students learn by building a web app and using developer tools like Git and Heroku. The UX Design course covers user experience design, graphic user interface design, industry best practices and the use of real-world tools.

CareerFoundry courses aim to transform its students into job-ready applicants, providing support and extra materials for anyone who gets lost. Learners wishing to upgrade their coding knowledge can also start from anywhere in a course to acquire a particular skill.

Courses start weekly every Monday with immediate access to course materials, and learners are paired with an experienced mentor within 24 hours who reviews, coaches and meets (virtually) with the students weekly over the duration of the course. Together with your mentor, you define a portfolio project which you will work on every day of the course, and use as a recruitment instrument on completion.

Through existing connections with recruiters and employers, CareerFoundry also assists graduates in finding employment with digital organizations.

What you get
  • Weekly course start dates
  • Project-based
  • 60+ exercises with mentor code reviews
  • Daily feedback from mentors
  • Instant help on Slack during office hours
  • Weekly mentor meetings for 1 hour on Skype
  • On demand video calls
  • Custom-designed self-paced interactive courses
  • Daily assignments
  • Student advisor for general support
  • Career advice & support
  • Portfolio project
  • Lifelong access to the student community and online course material

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This competition closes at 9.00pm GMT on 7th January, 2016

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