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Hello everyone!!
My name is Lissa majoring in Biochemistry & minoring in Computer Science
I can speak both English & Spanish, learning French & Mandarin right now.
Let me know if you'd like to study together or have recommendations on study groups. :)

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Hello :), I am Evelyn. I am preparing for Medical Entrance Test 2023
I have some knowledge in that area
I Study Biology , Chemistry and Physics
Finding a study buddy who can study with me, who is consistent, hardworking. And someone who knows some easy study techniques which could save a lot of time. I am really serious about it. Contact me if you are also serious about studies.
By the way I can speak English.


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Hii Buddies!!
I am Achu. I am an enthusiastic learner. I would like to learn C programming from scratch. Currently i am doing my Master's in Computer engineering in California. Eagerly waiting for buddies to join with me.
Lets rock together!!!


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Hello MoocLab community. My name's Aryan Agrawal. I'm looking to join a college for my B.sc. in Physics. I love to be intuitive as well as being with the same. I'd love to be a part of a study group that shares similar interests. I love to talk about ideas as well as enjoy heavy sarcasm.
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Hello, my name is Nanette. I am a senior at American University pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in justice.
I'm not strictly looking for someone in the same field I'd just like someone to study with :)


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hey, i‘m marie, 17, and i am finishing high school. looking forward to find inspiration for studying here and finding study buddies, it’s always fun. knowledge is power!


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hello im a freshman in highschool that has a hard time focusing and needs someone there in order for me to study specifically in math and Korean.


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Hi, my name is harsha and I am a high school student that is going to finish my final exam before leaving high school in 1 month time. This grade would determine the first step towards my ambition which is law.


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Hey everyone
I'm tee. (And you pronounce it like "tea" or just the alphabet T)
Somewhere on earth I'm a dental student. and really trying to become a good one.
Sometimes things distract me, or make me feel like i'm going to a wrong direction, or even wasting my life.
I need to know someone who loves this field.
Or even love their major. (Cause i can't find it between my friends)
I think its gonna help to study with love.
This brought me here.
Thanks for reading my note


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Hello everyone, I am Matthew, I am a teacher with Refunet, and also am studying with ICS and the Open University.
I know what distance learning can be like and ideas to make it easier. I have worked for years in public library service. I worked at a training centre and we taught adults and kids computer skills there, teaching kids coding. We taught adults and seniors computer skills, supporting people with computer skills to get jobs or seniors for recretation and to keep up with technology. I have been teaching myself coding. I enjoy learning things and teaching myself, I have been distance learning sign language, Chinese, calligraphy, piano and many things, I also have done music via Zoom, maths classes and much more. I can help point you in the right direction with lots of resources and also have facilated relaxation group as well as studying mindfulness. As I worked as a Complimentary Therapist and run my own clinic. I am qualified in TESOL and am self employed and work at a printing company.

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Hello everyone. I'm a college student. My major is pre engineering I focus well with other people so i need someone whome i can study with. Personally I like music and read novels (all genres). Im good at giving advices and if you need any help I'm happy to do it. ^^


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Hi everyone,
I'm currently in the second year of highschool, preparing for the national physics olympiad in my country. I'm generally studying physics (high school and first terms of college level) now and highly in demand for a study buddy to exchange questions together and encourage each other :‌‌)


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Hello, hi, um...Hola?
I'm Red, yes...the colour. (people ask that question a lot)
I will be taking my finals with science oriented subjects, and I really need to focus.
So if you're studying for these subjects too, we can partner up.

You HAVE no idea how long it took me to come up with that introduction...yet it still sounds like-


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Hi, i'm Isti from Indonesia. So glad to find this platform. I am looking for study buddy for learning chemistry and biology topics in bahasa indonesia (not bahasa indonesia is still okay). I am currently a biology teacher at junior high with chemistry major background, so I want to improve in both field. If you are a studying biology or chemistry, I do hope you contact me.

If you are a student at Indonesian high school or college student with chemistry/biology education major, that is even better.


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Hi all, i am Minda from Mozambique i am on my second year of BBA online, i procastinate a lot reason why i need a study budy so that i improve.

waiting for response