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Over 35 New Specializations now open on Coursera


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MOOC platform Coursera has just launched 35 new Specialization courses in computer programming, art, and business.
Specializations” are study pathways designed to deepen your expertise in a subject through a series of related courses. Specializations vary in length, with shorter Specializations including as few as three courses and taking 2-3 months to complete, and longer offerings including ten or more courses and taking up to a year.
All Specializations conclude with a hands-on Capstone Project where you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a practical question or problem related to the Specialization topic. You need to complete and pass all the courses in the Specialization before you are eligible to take the Capstone.

You can access some course content in a Specialization for free, but you will not be eligible to participate in the Capstone Project unless you've earned a purchased a Course Certificate for every course. You may choose either to purchase the entire Specialization upfront, or to pay for each course individually.

Course fees range from about $20 to $130, depending on the course and there is an additional fee for the Capstone project.

Coursera offers financial aid for learners who cannot afford to pay the associated fee.

Further details about Coursera’s Specializations can be found here.
Further details about payment and financial aid can be found here.

Below is a list of some of Coursera's new Specializations by subject category:

Computer Science
Develop sound software solutions and user-friendly software products.

Business Essentials

Master the foundations of marketing, investment strategy, and more.


Advanced Business Skills
Stay on the cutting edge of modern business technology and strategy.

Arts & Language
Build skills for success as an artist or communicator.