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My name is Carter, and I'm 21 years old.

I'm studying for a Human Resources Management degree, and I'm not good with focusing on it. It's an online course, so I don't have classmates to encourage me to study.

I'm looking for someone - preferably around my age - that can check in on me every once in a while and chat for a moment. We don't have to talk about anything studies-related, I'd just like some company while I study. :)
Hi Carter, I'm Inna. 28 years old. I am also not good at focusing on the subject and need someone to nudge me a lot when I don't want to study. So I think we are good study partners to accompany each other during the study time. We can use Discord. Do you have any preferable contact way? Discord : inna_01300


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i am almost 19 and procrastinate a lot so maybe we could help each other studying....and yes ill surely check on you and help u in any you would want, what say?

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hey same here!! anybody up for video calls on mute while studying and checking on each other?

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u can text 22f btw
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