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Hey guys, this is Xendra. I'm 19 yo and preparing myself for board exam which is in Nov. Exams will lasts till dec. So For straight 50 days I will study more than 14 hours straightly and in nov and dec I'll have the examinations. I'll study hardly during exams too but not 14 hours. So I'm committed to myself. If anyone wanna study this hardly hit me up. Time zone won't be a matter since I don't have any sleep schedule right now. I sleep according to my study. Also Subject or Major won't be a problem. All i need to study with someone to be on track. I will follow pomodoro technique and use Fiveable. I don't do cam on study. We gotta grind together! I might not check this website.

So here's my Discord : Xendra#9119 and Telegram : Xendra

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